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Green Zone League Articles

2019 GZL Draft Grades (1-10)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 – WR Devin Funchess, Jags. It’s hard to imagine a WR with more upside. Literally. There are 7 pass catchers in the league that are 6’5” or more. There are none faster than Funchess. Personally, I thought CB Rosario was the best player in the draft, but Jacksonville has never really had a homegrown number one WR, so Funchess makes a lot of sense for a team that features one of the least dynamic receiving corps in the league. GRADE: A

1.2 – MLB Brick Baylor, Colts. Baylor will make a fine middle linebacker, one who will torment offenses for years to come. However, the Colts have a lot of needs and while MLB is one of them, this feels like a stretch. There have been 4 MLBs taken in the Top 5 in league history, and Baylor has by far the lowest SPD, AGI, and ACC. He does have the STR of a DE, so perhaps this will be a great move. With 2 first round picks, the Colts could have gotten a stud here and picked up Trinidad Walker later in the round. GRADE: B

1.3 – WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Bucs. There was considerable debate pre-draft as to which 6’5” WR would be the first to go. Some like Funchess for his SPD and AWR advantage, some like DGB for his AGI and ACC advantage. Either way, the Bucs win here grabbing a WR that adds to the tallest corps in the league and providing Winston another big target. GRADE: A+

1.4 – CB Angel Rosario, Vikings. On my board, Rosario was tops, so getting a player like him here is a big coup. On the downside, he may be a bit injury prone. On the plus side, he’s the only 6’5” CB in the league that comes in with 90 SPD. Rosario compares favorably to the only other 6’5” CB, Claudio Ambellina, who routinely is in the top ten for CB efficiency. GRADE: A+

1.5 – CB Buford McKay, Bears. This was a CB top-heavy draft and the Bears take home a prize in McKay. Only 2 CBs match his size and speed. McKay has it all, great STR, near elite AGI and ACC, and good hands. It’s hard to find a hole in his game and he’s one of the smarter DBs in the draft. In any other draft he would have been a Top 3 pick. GRADE: A+

1.6 – HB Cubby Williams, Falcons. Atlanta gets a stud HB in Williams and the rookie is sure to be a force from the beginning. Only 4 backs match Williams’ combo of speed and strength, and none of those are as agile. Even better, Williams is great at catching passes out of the backfield. If there’s a concern it’s that Williams may have fumbling problems, but his CAR is only slightly lower than Bronze Pittman who averages only 3-4 fumbles a year. GRADE: A

1.7 – LT La’el Collins, Eagles. Collins was clear and away the best lineman in the draft. He is the total package, though interestingly there’s not a single attribute where he’s the best at. There are guys faster and stronger, but no one who comes close when everything is tallied. There’s no doubt he’ll be a solid pro. If there’s a knock it might be his run blocking, but that will develop in time. Overall, a solid pick. GRADE: A-

1.8 – WR Kevin White, Dolphins. Kevin White was clearly the third best WR on the board and has a long and fruitful career ahead of him. This pick surprised me a bit as the Dolphins have now picked a WR in the first 3 straight years. The Offensive Line needs some work and it seems like addressing that here might have been more of a priority. White has what it takes to be great – but will there be enough passes to go around? GRADE: B-

1.9 – CB Commodore Bell, Cardinals. At this point in the draft there were 3 high quality CBs left – Bell, DuPree and Hill. Each of the three were fairly bunch together and were viable options based on what you valued in a DB. Personally, I had DuPree and Hill slightly higher, but that’s not to take anything away from Bell. His agility is hard to match in the league and he has amazing hands. One concern is how raw he is. However, given how lackluster the Cards secondary is, Bell will have plenty of playing time to advance quickly. GRADE: A-

1.10 – CB Emerson DuPree, Browns. DuPree is the fastest of the first round corners, but also the shortest at 6’0”. However, DuPree has tremendous leaping ability and is one of the smartest DBs in the class. Cleveland historically has valued athleticism over size, so DuPree should fit right in. GRADE: A
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Green Zone League Articles

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