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Green Zone League Articles

League Discussion: Best Decision as a GZL GM
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

So after mild success with my last League Discussion article I thought I would follow up and try to inspire some input on the positive side of the coin...what has been your best decision/greatest success as a GZL General Manager? Whether it's a trade, free agent signing, team swap, amnesty release/pick up, IR of a star to sign/trade for another, or pulling a John Stanley and riding the likes of Pat Devlin to another Super Bowl., we've each had our own measure of success in our GM decisions and there are always a few that stand out for the right reasons.

Again I'll kick this off with what I feel has been my best decision to date:

In 2013, my first offseason with the league I took over a team with the twelfth overall pick and a lot of work needed to mould it into my type of team. After a quick scout of the league I found the centrepiece I wanted idling his career away on the bench of his second team in 2 years. Needless to say the minute I saw the attributes of Mark Ingram I knew I had to have him and give him the start he deserved. Now communicating with Ricky Lung back then was a challenging prospect as he was a busy man but I managed to wring out of him his acceptance of trading Ingram and his asking price, now all I had to do was acquire said price. Already faced with the prospect of needing my first to get a new corner I ended up trading our current starting corner and strong safety (Stanford Routt and Tyvon Branch) to the Jaguars for the 6th overall pick. Not stopping there as I knew I only needed a late 1st to get the job done, I traded the 6th pick with a 3rd to the Giants for 1.24 and 2 future 1sts. Finally I had the right pieces and traded 1.24 for Mark Ingram and he promptly rewarded that move by running for 2143 yards (1 yard shy of the then season record) and 17 touchdowns that year alone. The fact that he backed it all up two seasons later with a season record for yards is icing on the cake as he walks towards hall of fame status.
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Green Zone League Articles

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