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Where Are They Now - Class of 2013 Part 2
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

1.17 - WR Stephen Hill
Hill has been a solid receiving option in St. Louis for all 7 years of his career, posting at least 1000 yards in all but 1 season. He has only caught 10 touchdowns once and has shown a tendency to drop a few as well, but at 6'4" and 95 speed he's always a challenging matchup.

1.18 - RT Luke Joeckel
The Vikings utilised his skills well for the first 5 years of his career before he hit the open market and was heavily paid by the Colts to join them. Needless to say the time in Indianapolis has not suited him well at right tackle as he's posted 10+ sacks allowed in each of the past 2 years there.

1.19 - WR Robert Woods
A potential Bills lifer, Woods has been a bit up and down year to year, showing that he is quite capable of getting the yards and the touchdowns, but has also shown major lapses of hanging on to the ball. This may have something to do with the inconsistency of his quarterback.

1.20 - SS Mark Barron
Barron ahs done the job he needs to at Buffalo, getting the tackles as the last line of defense. Beyond this he hasn't added many turnovers to elevate himself into the elite levels.

1.21 - LT Jake Matthews
In a pass heavy game you can't expect Matthews to rack up the pancake numbers, but he has done a decent job of protecting Stafford over the past 7 years. 2016 and 2017 he let through 6 and 7 sacks respectively, but this year so far he's only had 1 slip passed him.

1.22 - CB Janoris Jenkins
As an undersized corner, Jenkins has been a decent corner in a developing Broncos secondary ever since he was drafted. His interception numbers are notable at 4 or more over the past 4 years and he gets at least 20 deflections a year too. It's only his number of catches allowed that detracts from his ability to be a shutdown corner.

1.23 - LT D.J. Fluker
Fluker is still a Cowboy after all these years and has progressively gotten better during that time. His 3 sacks allowed over the past 4 seasons is a nice job protecting Sanchez.

1.24 - LE Nick Perry
Perry spent his rookie year in New Orleans but didn't see much action. As a result of scheme shift to 3-4 Perry was traded to an eager Giants team who have utilised his talents for the past 6 years. Apart from his first year in the Big Easy he hasn't really lived up to his potential with 5 sacks being his high over the last 4 years.

1.25 - LT Johnathan Cooper
From day 1 Cooper has been a solid blocker for any number of Bengals passers (Palmer, Klein, Tannenhill, Rivers, Manziel and Freeman) and he hasn't failed to get the job. The past 2 years he's only let through 1 sack in each campaign and his career pancake to sack ratio of 37.07 is outstanding.

1.26 - WR Keenan Allen
Allen spent a year in Green Bay before being bundled off to San Diego for a couple of 1sts. It took him a couple of seasons to get going and is accredited with 3 seasons over 1000 yards and one 10 touchdown year.

1.27 - MLB Melvin Ingram
Instantly moved inside to lead this defense, Ingram had a slow start to his career with only 54 tackles in his first season. Since then he has been over 110 tackles for all but 1 year serving the Chargers and gets behind the line regularly for loss, but isn't known for a lot of sacks or turnovers.

1.28 - C Khaled Homes
Holmes had 5 years where he only let through 2 sacks in a year, even though the rest of the line was letting through quarterback hits all the time. He's done a solid job in the middle for the Texans even if a center in the 1st round is a stretch.

1.29 - LE Courtney Upshaw
After 4 okay years in Indianapolis, Upshaw was traded to Tampa Bay, then quickly moved on to Green Bay in the same off season. His first year in Green Bay was decent but since then he's had an injury plagued year he needs to bounce back from.

1.30 - K Santiago Gramatica
Quite the stretch here, Gramatica was under powered but over accurate so a day 1 starter. He's only had 1 year below 90% field goal accuracy and has never missed an extra point, so all good for the Colts.

1.31 - CB Gunner Recall
The mighty migit field various roles for the Cowboys before moving to Tampa Bay where his success hasn't altered. He's shown that his small stature can give up a lot of catches for few deflections as evident by his almost 1:3 career deflection to catches allowed ratio.

1.32 - ROLB Barkevious Mingo
Mingo managed to get plenty of sacks whilst at Green bay but has failed to perform since moving to Jacksonville. He did suffer a 7 week injury in preseason this year, but has only seen the field sparingly in weeks 11 and 14 (2 tackles). His 2 sacks in 2017 are all he's accumulated as a Jaguar.
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Green Zone League Articles

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