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Green Zone League Articles

2020 GZL Draft: Top Offensive Prospects
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

QB Connor Cook/QB Teddy Bridgewater - Cook and Bridgewater are such similar prospects that they are listed as one in this article. They are literally neck and neck in terms of talent, and any GM in the league could make a case for one over the other and be right. Both have 70+ AWR, 94+ THP, and 84+ THA. Some might like Cook better, because he is 2 inches taller (6'4" versus 6'2") and has better accuracy and touch on the ball (87 versus 84), but Bridgewater gets a little more zip on his passes (95 versus 94) and has a slightly higher football IQ than Cook (72 versus 70) coming out of college. Both players are very tough athletes (Cook at 93, Bridgewater at 89), while Bridgewater missed less games due to injury as a college athlete (91 versus 87). Both players had extremely heralded collegiate careers and will undoubtedly have similar careers in the GZL, the only question is who will go off the board first? While this is just one mans opinion, my money is on Connor Cook, as he has the edge in throwing accuracy coming out of the gate, and we know how much those scouts drool over the "prototypical" pro QB, which Connor Cook fits that bill of standing 6'4" tall. Another thing to keep an eye on is just how long these two will stay on the board, as the topQBs have been going later and later in the draft in recent years. Either way the duo will make for an interesting headline or two both pre- and post-draft.

HB Ezekial Elliot - As I sit here pondering what to write about Elliot, I find myself asking myself what this guy hasn't done at the college level. And I find myself answering my own question with "not a whole lot." The truth is, this guy can do it all and has done it all. And the same will be said when he debuts in the GZL. The guy can simply move with good speed (94), even better lateral movement (95), and a good but not-too-good first step (92). What makes those numbers even more impressive is that in addition to being one of the fastest running backs in the draft, he is also one of the biggest and strongest, standing 6 feet tall at 225 pounds with excellent strength (74). The kid has also been known to break a tackle or two in his day (85). The only knock on him coming out of college is that he is not a natural pass-catcher (55), but I wouldn't worry about that too much in our game. HB is not usually one of the first positions off the board either, although this day probably a little sooner than QBs, but 'Zeke' may be one of the RBs who can buck that trend as I can't remember the last time there was a RB with his kind of talent. Look out for this kid in the GZL

WR Armani Chance - While the WR class as a whole might be down in terms of talent this year (especially considering the talent we have seen come out in recent years), Chance is definitely a talented pass catcher worthy of a first round pick. The Arizona State product stands 6'3" tall, weighs a whopping 230 lbs, and posted some of the best 3 cone drill times the GZL combine has seen (97 agility). His is not blazing fast (93), and lacks an elite first step (91), but those are areas that can be developed in training camp. While his physical combination of athleticism and size comes nowhere close to Aaron Drogan territory, Chance will still be a playmaker at this level who can use his size and quickness to get open and also bully defenders around after the catch and as a run blocker.

OT Laremy Tunsil - Although Laremy Tunsil does not have a name that screams "pick me," his college tape does, and teams at the top of the draft would be wise to call his name on draft day to anchor their offensive line. While Laremy is not a transcendent prospect or even a once in a generation type guy, Mr. Tunsil is certainly a very gifted athlete with very few holes in his game. His elite combination of speed (68), agility (66), acceleration (81), and strength (94) are complimented beautifully by some of the better intangibles in the draft (71 AWR, 84/84 PBK/RBK). And at 6'5", 310 lbs, he has the length and build to keep up with anyone in this league. Laremy Tunsil might not be a sexy name, and offensive tackle might not be a sexy pick, but at the end of the day Laremy is your man if you're looking for a rock solid foundation to your offensive line and a piece your entire offense can build upon.

OT Jack Conklin - Conklin is easily the second best offensive lineman prospect in this class, and he's not too far off from being up there in the conversation with Laremy Tunsil. Conklin relies a bit more on brute strength to get the job done, as he weighed in at 6'6", 325 lbs and posted one of the better bench press scores at the combine (95). While his athleticism won't blow you away he is more than an impressive athlete with above-average speed (63), agility (63), and acceleration (79). He also held his own in interviews, showing good football intelligence (63) and flashed some good blocking technique in senior bowl practices (85/84). Again, while the position does not make for the "sexy" picks, you can't go wrong with someone like Conklin to anchor your line, especially in a year where the top-end talent is not quite as strong as it has been at the offensive skill positions.
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Green Zone League Articles

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