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Green Zone League Articles

2020 GZL Draft: Top DT Prospects
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

Montravius Adams - This guy reminds me a lot of Nick Fairley who's currently on my team. Great athleticism for a defensive tackle while not being the strongest there is out . Has good size at 6'4", 306 lbs, so is not one of those athletic DTs that you're not sure if he's going to be able to hold his own in the interior of the line or not. Possesses above average instincts and tackling ability coming out of college so is not a massive project or anything. Fairley was taken near the end of the first round when he was drafted and I can see a similar thing happening here with Adams. Look for him to go off the board in the latter half of the first round.

Robert Nkemdiche - Nkemdiche has a last name that's a real pain the ass to type so from here on out I'm avoiding using his last name at all costs. The Ole Miss product has nearly as much athleticism as the aforementioned Montravius Adams, and is a little bit stronger. His instincts are not near as good as Adams coming out of college, but he is a better tackler. The important thing when we're talking about this college standout is his strength at 91. 91 is an important number because it gives him the potential to get up to 94 with some dedication and work during training camp, which for me is kind of the unofficial beginning of the "strong DT" echelon. While we're not talking 99 strength or anything, it's certainly more than most have, including offensive lineman. It would give Robert the ability to be a straight up bully along with his ability to get into the offensive backfield very quickly. If given the time to improve in training camp Nkemdiche could be the best DT prospect out of this class and one of the best defensive players out of it as well. Look for him to go in the Top 20-25 picks due to his position.

Julius Walker - Walker is another very interesting prospect given that he isn't really strong enough to be your typical DT. Will teams leave him inside as a sort of specialist, or will teams draft him to be a defensive end? Regardless of what teams decide to do with him, he really can do it all. He's strong enough to be a 3-4 DE out of the gate, and he could easily be a DT with some strength training in the off-season. We've seen plenty of his type at RE in a 4-3 over the years, and even a few teams use guys like this as a 4-3 LE. He has exceptional speed and quickness for a man that's 299 lbs, and while he's not the most polished player out of college he certainly isn't a long-term project or anything. The real knock on him, and I hate to say this because he has all the makings of the real deal, is his height. Height isn't something that's brought up a lot in these leagues outside of defensive backs and wide receivers with the occasional quarterback downgrade thrown in, but how will standing just 6'0" tall affect him. I mean, let's be honest here, this guy is one inch away from being 5'11" which is a very scary proposition. If I had a top 15 pick in this draft I would love to draft him and put a boat load of work into him to make him one of the more unique talents in the league, but what if all that work goes to waste because the dude is 6'0"? It's an interesting question and one that I don't have an answer to, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out on just how far it causes him to fall in the draft. I can see him going anywhere from Pick 11 to pick 50.

Harvey Marx/Cyrus Youssefi - Man, do we have enough annoying-to-type names yet? I'm combining these two because I have them in the same tier talent-wise. We have certainly moved on from the top end DT talent and are now down to the 2nd or even maybe 3rd tier with these guys. Both have some strengths but they are also flawed players. Marx has average athleticism to go with average strength, and he's not doing himself any favors with his football IQ. He's also only 6'1" tall. However at 330 lbs and with great tackling ability he makes for a decent prospect. Youssefi is less strong but more athletic and arguably has a better build at 6'3", 318 lbs. He has much better instincts but his tackling technique leaves something to be desired. If I had to pick one of these two to be on my team, I would probably go with Youssefi just because he has less warts to get over, but I don't think I would want either as a starter on my team. You question how good they could be with some work, but as far as my philosophy goes I would rather spend my points to develop guys into true studs, which neither of these two have the potential to be. I see these guys going somewhere in the 3rd round, although maybe a team takes one near the end of the 2nd if the talent on their board is running a bit thin.
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Green Zone League Articles

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