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#GZL @ 10 Years - Franchise Records
By Wade Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

#GZL @ 10 Years - Franchise Records

The GZL has reached 10 years of successful operation. So in recognition of this, we thought we would look at some franchise-level records within that time span.

Most Super Bowls

Pittsburgh Steelers - 3 (Super Bowl III, VI & VIII)

There's a couple of notable achievements around the Steelers franchise winning three of the ten Super Bowls on offer in GZL. The primary one is that these three Super Bowls were won across a period of 6 seasons, including Super Bowl VIII. This means that they weren't won on the back of loaded launch rosters and were actually achieved after a period of roster progression, changes and evolution.

The second is that the Super Bowls were won by two different managers, with Brian Brown winning Super Bowl III and Travis Robbins winning Super Bowl VI and VIII.

Notable Mentions

San Diego Chargers - 2 (Super Bowl I & IV)

The only other team to win multiple Super Bowls, there victory in Super Bowl IV was considered a miracle when they took to the field without their starting quarterback or running back after both had been subsequently side lined for the season before the playoffs began.

New York Giants - 1 (Super Bowl V)

A sentimental mention as the sadly departed Jame Paronne celebrated GZL's fifth season by winning his first ever Super Bowl across any Madden GM league. It was an unfortunate appearance for the Jacksonville Jaguars who were facing the league sentimental favourite.

Super Bowl Champions - The Underdog Story

New York Giants - Super Bowl V (10-6 Record, #5 Playoff Seed)

They were named above with a notable mention, but the 2014 New York Giants remain the team with the least wins in a regular season to triumph and win the Super Bowl.

Notable Mentions

Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl VII (11-5, #5 Playoff Seed)

The Seahawks are the only other team to win the Super Bowl from outside the division winner playoff seeds.

Most Super Bowls By Conference

Tie - AFC (5), NFC (5)

While there have been 5 distinct winners from the NFC, only two AFC teams have actually won Super Bowls (the Steelers and the Chargers). Combined with another statistic below, it would indicate that the AFC is home to the more dyanstical-based powerhouse teams as opposed to the NFC.

Most Playoff Appearances

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 10 (2010 - 2019)

The Buccaneers are the solitary team in the GZL that hasn't missed the playoffs even once. One can only try and fathom how this can occur, given the ongoing rotation of players in the Buccs roster. We can only admire Anthony Fernandez's ability to scout talent to fit his team's playstyle.

Notable Mentions

New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts - 0

No-one in these leagues wants to see teams go without experiencing the playoffs, but the good thing is that all three teams have dedicated managers putting effort into their team's progress. We can only hope they see the post season in the very near future.

Most Successful Division Winners

AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers (7)
AFC East - Miami Dolphins (5)
AFC South - Tennessee Titans (6)
AFC West - Oakland Raiders (5)

NFC North - Green Bay Packers (4)
NFC East - Washington Redskins (4)
NFC South - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7)
NFC West - St. Louis Rams (4)

From the above, the NFC has the more competitive divisional races. The most successful teams in all the AFC divisions won at least 50% of the titles on offer while in the NFC it was only the Buccaneers that captured more than half the titles. Combined with the statistics for conference-based Super Bowl winners, it becomes apparent that while the NFC is almost an open crap shoot on who will win their divisions, make the playoffs and represent the NFC, the NFC is home to more dynasty-like powerhouse teams who are more likely to be the winners for the season.

Best Season Record

Pittsburgh Steelers - (2012, 15-1)

No team has gone undefeated in a GZL season and the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers stand alone at the top, losing just a solitary game on their way to the Super Bowl III title.

Honourable Mentions

Philadelphia Eagles - (2017, 0-16)

The Eagles hold the dubious honour of being the only team in GZL history to record a winless season. They got plenty from their draft position however.

The Usual Suspects

While the above records are fun, I must acknowledge the two top teams from each conference for their achievements over the last 10 seasons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC, by the simple yardstick of Super Bowl victories, are the most successful team in the GZL. As noted above, they have won three Super Bowls for two managers across a span of years that includes the need to revitalise and manage their roster. That is no mean feat in a conference that includes the likes of the Tennessee Titans (Tim Nissen) and the Oakland Raiders (Garth Pearce) consistently putting pressure on the conference to perform. While there has been a slight drop-off in the last two seasons, the result of some veteran superstar retirements, the Steelers have already shown the ability to take such changes in their stride and emerge a force again.

In the NFC we really cannot go past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers whose unbroken run of playoff appearances can only be capped off by a Super Bowl victory in the next 5 seasons. But just as the Steelers have their Titans and Raiders, the Buccs have their own forces in the NFC, contending with the ever-competitive Seattle Seahawks, the emergent St. Louis Rams and the always dangerous Green Bay Packers. For a team to have gone 10 seasons and only lose less than ten games in a single one of those is an amazing feat and one I probably can't harp on enough about. Anthony puts a lot of passion into this league and along with Kevin are the two GM's I would most like to see take home a GZL title, as a just reward for their efforts with this league.


Looking across the team results for GZL makes for some interesting reading. There are a number of other stats I could have pulled together but there's only so many times you can keep saying "Pittsburgh Steelers" or "Tampa Bay Buccaneers"...so we'll have to live with what I've produced Smile
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