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Let's Mock It: 2020 Top 10
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

Oh hey look, there hasn't been a mock draft done this year. Well with the Christmas break coming over the remainder of the UFA period I thought I'd take a shot at the top 10 before last minute trades are made:

1.1 - WR Tyler Boyd
There isn't a clear cut top of the pile talent in this draft, so I think the Jets are stuck with this pick for now and will take the supreme receiving talent of Boyd to pair with the monster Drogan. Higgins needs some real targets to throw to and the potential of a 6'2", 98 speed receiver is just the thing he needs. No team could possibly find two shutdown corners to contain this duo and the Jets could find themselves with a winning combination to lift them out of the cellar. They could possibly go half back here but Miller has proven he can support a pass attack in Detroit which is what the Jets could replicate here.

1.2 - LT Laremy Tunsil
Marvin Zohar is far from a great OT, so the Dolphins instantly get an upgrade here with the superior abilities of Tunsil. His speed, agility and acceleration combination is one of the best in the league, but when you add 94 strength, 72 awareness and 84 to the blocking skills he's a plug and play starter from day one, which is exactly what Russell Wilson needs to make best use of his wide receivers. With Le'Veon Bell moved they could add a half back too but Ball looks to have that covered.

1.3 - LT Jack Conklin
Tunsil would've been their #1 target but Conklin isn't that much of a drop off (-2 ACC and -8 AWR only) and will still be highly competitive and likely outshine a rather mediocre Vikings offensive line. His size and strength should help a great deal on the right side where he'll likely end up, which is something Nick Foles can be grateful for. With age taking its toll on their outside linebackers they could add talent there, but OT feels the greater need and best value for pick 3.

1.4 - WR Laquon Treadwell
Looking at their roster I feel the Seahawks were after one of the 2 just drafted offensive tackles and are cursing their luck. They could go with Kellen Kelmendi instead, but his lower strength and awareness isn't as good value here. Losing Cameron Shaw in FA really shook up this team's objectives too and Treadwell fills a void left there with a receiver possessing a lot of physical stature that suits their mould. At 6'2", 229lbs and 75 strength he can match it with many linebackers inside whilst possessing a potential top end speed of 96 where he'll manhandle the lighter, smaller, weaker speed corners required to keep up with him

1.5 - CB Chikae Reader
With Peterson gone thy really need a 2nd shut down corner and Reader gives them a 6'4" player who can actually play most downs and find a starting role in most matchups. Potentially topping out at 93 speed and 92 acceleration he'll be the fastest 6'4"+ corner this league has ever seen and pair nicely with the fleet feet of Tyrann Mathieu. They also need some help out line backer, especially the outside to restock their diminishing numbers, or maybe look at a top end HB to fill their long term needs.

1.6 - CB Vernon Hargreaves III
The Raiders have been focused about their need for a corner this offseason and Hargreaves III gives the speed they're after to the maximum. Able to top out at 99 speed and acceleration he also comes with game ready awareness (72) and hands (70) to enable him to suit up from day 1 and help stem the flow of pass yards allowed that have been bleeding profusely from Oakland the past couple of years. If Reader was still available we might go him here instead just to have such a unique talent but it would contain its own growing pains.

1.7 - LT Abraham Pearl
The cupboard is looking extremely bare in Arizona this offseason and any one of a number of positions could be taken here including OG, MLB, FS, DT, WR, CB, OLB. OT looks to be a big need and the big body of Pearl (6'6", 340lbs) provides their style of offensive tackle with enough strength (94), awareness (66), pass block (83) and run block (87) to get stuck in straight away. I wouldn't put it past GM Patel to actually go QB here though as he has Ponder on the block, who is in the last year of his contract and his morale is dangerously low to a refusal to resign, so Connor Cook or Teddy Bridgewater could be running the show in Arizona next year.

1.8 - QB Connor Cook
Things didn't go right for the Colts this offseason and their failure to re-secure key RFA's has left them with more holes then expected. I wouldn't be surprised to see them fill this spot in free agency, but as it stands you can't be without the team's leader for too long. Cook has great awareness and accuracy for a rookie and will be developing into his prime when the rest of the Colts are turning the corner too. If they do add a free agent signal caller I could very well see a wide out drafted here (Armani Chance), OLB or OG instead.

1.9 - HB Ezekiel Elliot
A strong running presence has been absence in New Orleans for a very long time and the all round ability of Elliot will be a compliment to the Wilson-Brown-Shaw show through the air. Elliot's balanced physical skill set means he needs little work to be a work horse back, but he could also terrorize the field as a 6'0", 235lbs, 97 speed backfield threat who can truck up the middle or stretch the outside. Other options include OG and OLB.

1.10 - OLB Scooby Wright III
Got any Scooby Snacks? With a name like that he's bound to cop some flak, but he's got the athleticism to be a real edge rush and pass coverage threat. He may be considered a little short at 6'1" but he has some polished tackling skills for a rookie (84) which won't go astray. WR Armani Chance may be a possible choice as there really isn't a standout receiver on the Cowboys roster which doesn't help the offensive production, especially as Sanchez is losing his touch.
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