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2020 GZL Mock Draft (1-16)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Weíve already had our first mock draft and in the spirit of talking about upcoming crop of rookies, Iím adding this quick mock draft. Unfortunately, many of the picks that have already been proposed in the first mock draft are ones that I agree with. So thereís not a lot of new material here. Still, itís fun to mock! Please keep in mind this mock doesnít take into account free agents signed or trades pending. So by tomorrow Iím sure itíll be outdated.

1.1 - WR Tyler Boyd

Thereís no clear cut number one player this year, but itís hard to argue with Boyd who has a great combination of speed and size. Jonathan Higgins still needs to take that next step and Boyd helps him as a complete WR.

1.2 - LT Laremy Tunsil

Miami doesnít have a lot of glaring needs, so the safe pick here is rookie OT Laremy Tunsil. Few linemen have his speed and strength and heís a polished blocker. The Dolphins have need at DT as well, and a darkhorse selection might be Elliott at HB, but this is the safe choice.

1.3 Ė DE Joey Bosa

Iím selecting DE Joey Bosa with the third pick on behalf of the Vikings. Do I think this is what they will do? No. Bosa probably isnít a Top 5 talent, but itís an area of need. Mostly, I didnít want to repeat Garthís mock, so threw a curveball here.

1.4 - WR Laquon Treadwell

Seattle controls the Top 5 and will determine the rest of the draft with these two picks. Iíve got Nic taking Treadwell with the first pick, who is just a hair below Boyd in terms of talent.

1.5 Ė OT Jack Conklin

With the 5th pick I have Seattle going offensive line, though I wouldnít be surprised to see Nic address this position in free agency. If he does, look for the first CB to come off the board.

1.6 - CB Vernon Hargreaves III

This yearís draft class does not feature a once-in-a-lifetime DB, which we seem to see each year. Still, there are some franchise players available. Hargreaves is who I have slotted going here. Heís not as tall as most coveted CBs. But heís got elite skills.

1.7 Ė CB Kendall Fuller

Many likely have Chikae Reeder as the next CB off the board, but I like Fuller more. Fuller is a lot lik Hargreaves and will make an impact right away. The Cardinals however, have a lot of directions they could go here Ė CB, QB, WR, OT, and MLB. They are in many ways the hardest to predict of the Top 10.

1.8 - QB Connor Cook

The Colts need almost everything. Cook makes the most sense here, though if Indy picked up a signal caller in free agency, then all bets are off. The Colts need WRs, OGs, DTs, DEs, CB depth and a FS. How does a team that has gone 3-13 the last three season have so many holes?

1.9 - HB Ezekiel Elliot

If I were a betting man, Iíd say this were a lock. But Iím not, and it likely isnít. Still, Elliot is the clearcut best runner in the draft and goes into the season as the odds on favorite for rookie of the year.

1.10 Ė OLB Scooby Wright III

Iím not big on spending Top 10 picks on OLBs, but Wright looks like the real deal. Another option here is WR Armani Chance, but the Dallas defense needs some work.

1.11 Ė CB Chikae Reeder

Somehow Reeder slips out of the Top 10 (doesnít seem likely does it?) and Houston lands one of the most intriguing players in the draft. Reeder will be good and his best feature is his size. Without that, however, his attributes are a little pedestrian, including his below average injury and stamina. Still, heíll be a gamer.

1.12 Ė WR Armani Chance

The further I get in this mock, the more I like Dallas taking Chance at 1.10. But Iíve already mocked it out so this is what we get, lol. Chance is taller than Boyd and Treadwell and more agile. Maybe Dallas does take him afterall. Buffalo could also go QB or MLB here.

1.13 Ė QB Teddy Bridgewater

Ryan Mallet is 31, threw 19 TDs and 18 picks in his first full season of starting ever. The future is now in Pittsburgh.

1.14 Ė DT Montravius Adams

Detroit has a solid club without a lot of needs. One area that could be beefed up is their run defense and Adams is ready to be inserted into the starting lineup.

1.15 Ė WR Pharoh Cooper

Another WR chosen, and this one may be a surprise. Cooper reminds me a little of Odell Beckham, Jr. Baltimore could opt to go for the much taller, but less polished Maximilian Diaz. But all these tall WRs are boring. Cooper is fun!

1.16 Ė CB Anders Betancourt

I see a few different areas of need in Carolina Ė WR, C, CB and OG. There are still some good players left at each position, but Iíve got Carolina reaching a bit for Betancourt here. Betancourt has above average skills across the board, but is also very strong and is one of the smartest CBs in the draft.
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Green Zone League Articles

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