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Green Zone League Articles

Pre Draft Top 5 RB Discussion
By Bryan Mellon
Special to gzl-football.com

(This is my first attempt at a league article so bare with me!)

I thought wed take a look at the top 5 running backs in this years draft. If you dont feel as if these are the top running backs please feel free to comment.

Ezekiel Elliott

PRE DRAFT: 60 | 225lbs | CAR 81 | 85 BTK | 94 SPD | 92 ACC | 95 AGI | 74 STR | 65 AWR|

From the pre draft discussions, everyone seems to agree Elliott is clearly the best running back in the draft. He has very good size with speed as well as power. His pre draft speed is 94 and comes along with 85 break tackle and 74 strength. Some GMs say injury stats are a non-factor so they are not concerned with Elliotts injury rating of 83 however some will want to work with Elliott on getting this number to at least the high 80s if not the low 90s. Ive had discussions with GMs about Elliott and most see him as a top 10 pick with rumors of him even going at 1.1.

Latavius Murray
PRE DRAFT: 63 | 230lbs | CAR 86 | 85 BTK | 92 SPD | 89 ACC | 90 AGI | 69 STR | 70 AWR|

In my opinion and I realize this may not be shared by many but I dont think Murray is as much of a drop from Elliott as some might lead a person to believe. Hes got great size at 63 and 230 pounds. His carry a bit better than Elliott at 86 compared to Elliotts 81 while his speed, acceleration and agility are noticeably less. Murray comes into the draft with a very respectable 70 awareness. If I were a GM looking for a running back (which I am by the way) I dont know if Id sell the farm and move up to draft Elliott if Murray would be available.


Yaell Lowe
PRE DRAFT: 62 | 204lbs | CAR 86 | 82 BTK | 90 SPD | 93 ACC | 93 AGI | 75 STR | 63 AWR|

Lowe is a running back which definitely intrigues me. Hes another guy who has good size at 62 and 204 pounds. He has speed at 90, albeit not mind blowing I believe his 90 speed along with his 93 acceleration and agility combined with his 75 strength could perhaps help Lowe develop into something special.


Kenneth Dixon
PRE DRAFT: 510 | 212lbs | CAR 80 | 80 BTK | 93 SPD | 91 ACC | 93 AGI | 70 STR | 55 AWR|

Theres clearly a significant drop from Elliott to Dixon. One might be able to argue though that the drop between Murray and Dixon isnt has great as it first appears. Dixon has decent size as he comes in at 510 and 212 pounds and has better pre draft speed, acceleration, agility and strength than Murray. I think Dixon could surprise some ICL GMs.


Anthony Downs
PRE DRAFT: 60 | 197lbs | CAR 83 | 70 BTK | 94 SPD | 91 ACC | 89 AGI | 65 STR | 45 AWR|

Downs enters the draft as the second best special teamer with a kick return rating of 90. Michael Ortiz is the only running back who is rated higher as a kick returner with 92. Unlike Ortiz Downs has the ability at least in my opinion to be an every down back after some potential training camp and progression attention.
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Green Zone League Articles

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