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2020 Draft - Grading the top 10
By Tim Miller
Special to gzl-football.com

What is a draft without it being graded? Now that the top 10 is done, let's rate 'em!

1.1 - HB Ezekiel Elliott

Well, the Jets threw everyone a curveball and ended up going HB with the top pick and taking Elliott from Ohio State. While few disagree that he is a stud, some are surprised since he traded away Lattimore last season and already has Miller sitting on his roster. The story goes that the Jets really wanted out of this pick but could not find any takers. Overall grade: Hmmmm

1.2 - LT Laremy Tunsil

Dolphins went safe here and now have a mainstain at offensive tackle for many years to come. They upgraded at the position and no one is happier than QB Russell Wilson and HB Montee "Bowling" Ball. Overall grade: Nice pick!

1.3 WR Tyler Boyd

After finding a loophole in the GZL draft that let them be on the clock for hours and only after torturing themselves with multiple "what do I do?" moments, the Vikings finally selected WR Tyler Boyd, the MVP of the East West game and an incredible player for many years to come. Overall grade: Now was that so hard?

1.4 - WR Laquon Treadwell

The Bills were sending trade offers all over the GZL to move up in the draft and finally found the Seahawks willing. My opinion: with this class being pretty even in the first round, the Seahawks got the better end of the deal but the Bills are happy so all is good. That being said Treadwell is a great receiver and it will be interesting to see how he ends up. Overall grade: I hope this isn't like the Real Life Sammy Watkins pick for the Bills...

1.5 WR Armani Chance

The Seahawks were snickering all the way to the podium with this pick. They got 2 lower priced first round picks and still got the wide receiver they wanted in Chance. Overall ranking: No "Chance" of this being a bad pick

1.6 - CB Vernon Hargreaves III

Those damn Raiders made another great pick and ended up with the top CB in this year's draft. While Vernon Haregreaves I was busted for running a gambling ring, and Hargreaves II was a complete bust with the whole "nose-candy" scandal, I am sure Hargreaves III will be fine as he watches the Chiefs receivers outjump him. Overall grade: Dammit!

1.7 MLB Reggie Ragland

Is this the beginning of a defensive run? The Cardinals pick up a incredible stud in Ragland. He has good size, good speed, good strength, good acceleration, and great tackling for a rookie. Overall grade: Look out for the Cards defense

1.8 - Missed pick!

Wow... ragging on another GM for not setting a board and then you follow up with a missed pick??! I am sure there is a conspiracy theory in here somewhere... Overall grade: WTF?

1.9 - LT Jack Conklin

One could see the angst in the Saints (plus read it all over the forums) on what to do here? They were disappointed in Rodgers as a back, but were they ready to replace him? They finally decided to go with a safe pick in LT Conklin who can be developed into a mainstay for many years to come. Now the next angst... RT or LT? Overall grade: The Saints are coming marching in!

1.10 QB Connor Cook

The Colts' loss is the Cowboys' gain! The Cowboys are more than happy to groom the Michigan State alum into their QB of the future. And with two additional picks coming up, the Cowboys will be able to get them additional weapons. Overall grade: Something is Cookin' in Dallas!
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Green Zone League Articles

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