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Grading the 2020 GZL Draft: The Top 5
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 - NYJ - HB Ezekiel Elliot - B

The Jets understood that there was no clear-cut number one pick in this draft and tried to trade out of it but found no takers. Sticking with their options, they decided on Elliot as the number one pick in the draft, acknowledging that they went against conventional wisdom where you usually take CBs/WRs/QBs first and HBs later. Was it a great pick? No, but it was a solid pick given their options. With that said, I look at their WR corps post-draft and see a one trick pony - outside of freak athlete Aaron Drogan they really have no one who's going to put any fear into an opposing defense. For that reason I probably would have gone with WR Boyd, who most saw as the best WR in the class, instead of Elliot. Another thing working against Elliot is that there have been several RBs with his type of attributes that simply haven't always put up the best numbers for some reason. Guys like Christine Michael and to a lesser extent Knile Davis and Vince Rogers come to mind. They have what appear to be elite attributes but haven't really put up the numbers to match it. Either way the Jets made a solid pick in a not-so-great situation, so they earn a solid B here.

1.2 - MIA - OT Laremy Tunsil - A

I think the Dolphins made a great pick for their team here at 2nd overall. While another team might have been better off selecting one of the WRs that came off the board with the three next picks, this was the right move for the Dolphins. They've spent a couple 1st round picks on WRs in recent drafts and have another very talented one in Ricardo Lockette. For the first time in recent memory the Dolphins spent a 1st round pick, and a very high one at that, on an offensive lineman. It was a good idea too, because while they have some talent there, they didn't have the elite player you ideally would like to have at RT. They certainly have one now. Tunsil was the best lineman in the draft and he could probably slide over and play RT for them from day one. I can't give them an A+ just because it's not homerun value, but they made the best pick possible for their team and that earns them a solid A.

1.3 - MIN - WR Tyler Boyd - A

The Vikings went best pick available here, and they might have just landed themselves the most talented athlete in the entire draft class. Boyd is not a home-run pick at this current moment, but the key word for him is potential. He has the potential to be one of the best WRs in the GZL. How good he becomes is going to depend on how committed the Vikings are to developing him. Boyd has the potential to max out at 98 SPD, 99 AGI, and 99 ACC, which is a little ridiculous for a 6'2" athlete. I have faith that the Vikings are at least going to invest the almost required speed points into him so I am giving them an A for the pick. If they choose to leave him as is and not develop him any further at all, then I would be more inclined to give this pick a B or a B+. Still the grade is for the pick, not what they do afterwards, so for now the Vikings get an A. Great pick.

1.4 - BUF - WR Laquon Treadwell - B+

The Bills made an interesting trade here, trading 1.12 and 1.20 in exchange for 1.4 and 2.9. In most draft classes you would have to trade 1.12 and 1.20 for 1.4 alone, but in a class like this the Bills were able to talk the Seahawks into giving them an early second round pick back in return. While I think I would normally like this trade better for the Bills, I think it worked out very well for both teams given the talent the Seahawks were able to grab with both picks. With 1.4 the Bills chose a big-bodied, strong 6'2" WR who can run. While I personally liked Chance a little bit more, this one really comes down to a matter of personal preference, and the Bills seemed to be set on the idea of getting a CJ Washington type WR. There's no doubt it was a good pick, and Treadwell should develop into a stud alongside Robert Woods. I'm giving the Bills a B+ here for a very good pick.

1.5 - SEA - WR Armani Chance - B+

After trading out of the 1.4 spot, the Seahawks were still able to get their man anyways, all while picking up 2 more first round picks and avoiding having to hand out two massive contracts. It was a smart move for the Seahawks. And given their lack of elite talent at the WR talent since trading Demaryius Thomas, they made a smart pick as well. I have little doubt the Seahawks will put the necessary work into Chance to make him a stud WR. He is not your conventional stud WR, as he lacks an elite first step, but his combination of speed, agility, height, and weight makes him one of the most unique receivers in the league. I'm sure comparisons will be made between he and Treadwell for the rest of their careers, and it will be fun to see how it turns out. The Seahawks also earn a B+ here for yet another nice pick, although not one that is a steal value-wise.
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Green Zone League Articles

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