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Grading the 2020 GZL Draft: Picks 6-10
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.6 - OAK - CB Vernon Hargreaves I - B

With the sixth pick in the draft the Raiders took the first CB off the board in Hargreaves. Wait, is that really right? The first cornerback with the sixth pick? According to the official draft results, that is indeed correct. Sure, there were no can't-miss, absolute stud cornerback prospects this year, but usually teams are lining up to get the best cornerback. Either way, the Raiders definitely chose the most polished and pro-ready CB with this pick. Do I think he has the most potential out of any CB in this class? No, but he will still be a very solid CB, and the Raiders have been looking for one of those since trading Pietarila. The one concern that I have with this pick is that Hargreaves is 5'11" tall. I know that's not 5'9" or 5'10" or anything, but if I'm picking a CB in the top ten I would be a little unsettled if he wasn't at least 6'0" tall. I think that's just the reality of the league as it stands today. With that said, he has everything else you're looking for, and will be ready to be a #1 or #2 CB in just a season or two. I'm giving the Raiders a B for making a solid, safe pick, even if it wasn't the one I would of made or the one I think had the most value.

1.7 - ARI - MLB Reggie Ragland - C-

At 7th overall we saw the first linebacker come off the board in Reggie Ragland. I'm not the biggest fan of this pick for several reasons. The foremost one is 83 SPD. Do I think 83 SPD means he can't be a good MLB? No, but I just don't see it as great value with other more physically talented players still on the board. The Cardinals need a lot of help at a lot of places across the board, and while MLB is one of those positions, I think they would have been much better off taking an elite CB (Reeder) or DE (Bosa) here, because I just don't think Ragland is a truly elite MLB. I probably would have even taken OT Conklin here instead of Ragland. I also feel the Cardinals could have traded down into the 1.15-1.20 range and still gotten a good MLB if that's what they wanted to do. I'm giving them a C- here because I am just not the biggest fan of the pick, but I also don't think it's D or F worthy.

1.8 - IND - QB Teddy Bridgewater - F

Indianapolis gets an F here for one reason and for one reason only: they simply missed their top ten pick. It seems to happen to at least one team every year, and some teams/GMs tend to be repeat offenders. While they got lucky and ended up still getting a pretty good player out of the pick, that still does not excuse missing the pick as things could have ended up a lot worse for them. They could have ended up with a second round talent that they had to pay a premium for the next 4 to 5 years.

1.9 - NO - OT Jack Conklin - B

This seemed like a bit of a luxury pick for the Saints. They have some good players on the OL already and already have a better OT who should be set to become their cornerstone RT, but they also don't have a lot of glaring holes. There's also no denying that Conklin is a very good player that will give them two bookend elite OTs for a long time. I still think they could have gotten better value with the 6'4" CB Reeder, though, especially as I believe they have the perfect situation for developing a player like him. They have a very good CB in Patrick Peterson that is only going to be very good for another season or two. And outside of Peterson they really don't have any top end talent at the position. What better scenario would there be than for Reeder to come in and develop under the vet until he's ready to take over the reigns? I went back and worth between a B and a B+ for this pick because it was not a bad selection. Still, I can't feel but the Saints missed out on the bigger need as well as value here, so in the end they get a B.

1.10 - DAL - QB Connor Cook - D+

I'm not sure I really understand this pick for the Cowboys. Sure, their team is pretty chocked full of talent and they have an aging veteran QB, but I can't help but feel they just got pretty terrible value out of this pick. We saw in pre-draft FA just how much QB talent is in this league. There were plenty of options to pick from, including a 28 year old who is close to being fully developed with a strong arm. They also have a young QB they drafted in the top of the top half of the 2nd round just two years ago with only -2 THP compared to Cook. Carr is just entering the spot in his career where he won't cost a boatload to develop, and the Cowboys still have another season or two to pump points into him. I just feel like they had the perfect situation already. They could have added a stud CB to their team to groom at nickel until Pietarila started regressing. I just think in a saturated QB market that QBs are not worth what they used to be at the top of the draft, and that given their current QB situation they could have milked a lot more value out of the pick. I'm not a big fan of it at all, and have to give them a D+.
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Green Zone League Articles

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