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Grading the 2020 GZL Draft: Picks 11-15
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 - HOU - DE Joey Bosa - A+

Houston ended Joey Bosa's slide at pick 11, and I think they found themselves a very good player here. He was in my opinion the second most physically talented defensive player in the draft, or at least the one with the second most amount of potential. Bosa could theoretically max out at 85 SPD, 85 STR, and 87 ACC. While that's a little extreme even in my book, it's certainly an exciting proposition that I wouldn't fault GM Goodman for doing one bit. I'd probably be a bit jealous to be honest. Even if he ends up at a modest (by his standards) 85 SPD, 82 STR, 85 ACC, how many defensive ends come around like that? Regardless, Bosa is supremely talented and the Texans now have the option of developing him in a number of different ways. Even if they don't add too many points to him at all he is still going to be a stud. I love the value here and even better it came at a position the Texans sorely needed a playmaker at. I can't begin to imagine how happy their front office must have been to have Bosa fall until their lap. This is pick is an A+ in my book all the way.

1.12 - SEA - OG Landon Turner - B+

After nabbing a solid WR with their first pick, the Seahawks make another solid selection by picking up Landon Turner with the 12th pick in the draft. While I've already made it clear I thought they should have gone with CB Reeder here (a knock I've made against other teams as well), the Seahawks clearly have a plan here and I can't fault them for making a good value pick to set it in motion. They want to beef up their offensive line with studs, and they've added another stud in Turner. It's not clear whether they will have him play guard or tackle, but I'm assuming they will be giving him +3 STR to max the attribute out at 95. While I'm certainly happy the Seahawks won't have another 6'4" CB to play against me for the next 9-10 seasons, I am also not too thrilled about the offensive line they are building with their penchant for running the football. All in all it's a good pick and it earns a B+ here.

1.13 - NE - CB Chikae Reeder - A+

This is without a doubt my favorite pick of the first round, and I sure am glad I don't play in the AFC, let alone the AFC East. The Patriots have built a supremely talented team through the draft over the years, and nabbing Reeder with the 13th pick to add to that talent pool is simply highway robbery. But getting Reeder to pair with Braylon Bender? With the 13th pick? That's getting away with murder. While he is no Hargreaves in term of polish, we're talking potential here. Reeder will have no problem getting up to 93 SPD and 92 ACC at 6'4", and will have the ability to cover anyone in the league. Sure, his 60 AWR and 58 CTH leave a lot of room for improvement, but luckily the Pats have two talented CBs ahead of him and plenty of time to work with. Even if it takes Reeder 3-4 seasons to maximize his potential, that's an awfully lot of time to work with what will arguably be the second best CB in the league. Reeder was a top 5 pick in my book, especially in this class, and I think will prove over time to one of the biggest steals in GZL history. A+ all the way.

1.14 - JAX - CB Don Slade - F

The Jaguars have to be kicking themselves here after being so close to having Reeder fall to them. Instead, they end up with Don Slade. I'm not sure if the Jaguars were in a hurry when they made this pick or if their scouting department just needs a makeover, but this was not a good pick. I understand the need here, but quite simply there was definitely one, probably two, maybe three better CB prospects on the board when the Jaguars made this pick. Kendall Fuller, who went 1.17, is an inch shorter but a superior prospect in every other regard. Anders Betancourt, who went 1.19, is literally a better player in every single possible aspect of the game of football. The more I look at this pick, the more I have to scratch my head. The only thing I can think of here is that the team was either unprepared or messed up their autodraft. They avoid an F for getting a position of need. (After typing this I realized the Jags might have missed that pick. If that's the case then the get the F like Arnold.)

1.15 - BAL - OT Kellen Kelmendi - B+

I like this pick for the Ravens. They are another team that has a very talented roster and had a lot of options going into the draft because they didn't have a lot of glaring needs. I think they addressed one of the weakest points on their line by drafting a tackle here. While Kelmendi is more raw than the first few OL we saw come off the board, he arguably has the potential to be a better physical athlete than Conklin who went 1.9 if given +3 STR to max out at 93. I think there may have been a better athlete or two on the board, and I may have even personally gone with someone like Betancourt here, but I don't think you can argue with the need/talent/value combo the Ravens scored here. The pick gets a solid B+ from me.
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Green Zone League Articles

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