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Green Zone League Articles

Grading the 2020 GZL Draft: Picks 16-20
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.16 - CHI - LB Scooby Wright III - A

Linebacker is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, positions on the Bears squad and they found a good one to strength up their corps here in Scooby Wright. Scooby's uniform attributes bring 85s across the board in SPD/AGI/ACC and a steady 75 STR to match. Combine that with solid AWR and great tackling technique out of college at a hefty 246 pounds and it's no surprise he was the second linebacker off the board. The only weakness you can really point out in his game is that he's a bit undersized at 6'1", but there's been plenty of good linebackers in this league at that size and Scooby won't be an exception. I think the Bears will definitely keep him on the outside for a few years until he gets up to speed in the pros, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them slide him over to MLB and take full advantage of his athletic ability. His height might be the one thing that keeps him on the outside, however, and it's a good a fit as any for him given his propensity for rushing the passer. This is a good pick for the Bears and I expect Scooby to be eating up plenty of sacked lunches in the coming years (that's a bad Wedding Crashers reference for those following along at home). This selection earns an A grade from me for a great pick.

1.17 - ATL - CB Kendall Fuller - B

The Falcons took a cornerback with their first selection in this draft, and they got a good one. Fullers comes out with neatly packaged 95s across the board at SPD/AGI/ACC (eerily similar to Wright III, huh?) and a meh 57 STR to go with his slightly undersized 5'11", 195 lb frame. He shows great instincts and has a knack for stealing the ball from opposing quarterbacks. With their two best cornerbacks measuring up shorter than six feet tall, it's not surprised that the Falcons were willing to call the 5'11" cornerbacks name with the 17th pick, but I have to wonder if they made the right call with Anders Betancourt on the board still. Look, Fuller is a good player, there's no denying that, but I think it's hard to make a case for him over Betancourt. The dude is 6'0" tall, hefty at a solid 219 pounds, and the strongest CB in the draft with 70 STR while still plenty, plenty athletic. Fuller has some speed/strength/agility on Betancourt, sure, but Betancourt is the complete package and the real deal if you ask me. I have no problem with the Falcons going corner here, even if it's not an immediate need, as it's one of the most important positions in the league and good value, but I just think they chose the wrong one. They earn a B here for making a heads up pick that just wasn't as smart as it could have been.

1.18 - PIT - C Max Tuerk - A

The Steelers are another team that doesn't have a lot of holes across its roster, so I'm sure they were glad to see the best player still available at a position they really need. Centers historically don't go early on draft day, and for good reason, but do go a bit higher here in the GZL due to the fact that players cannot be moved to the C position at any point in their career. A center is a center and you gotta find the good ones if you want them. The Steelers sure found a good one here. Tuerk has elite athleticism for the position to go along with good strength and great blocking technique. All the Steelers need to do is throw a few STR points into him and he'll be one of the better ones in the game. The Steelers get an A here for making a real good pick at a position of need.

1.19 - TEN - CB Anders Betancourt - A+

I love this pick by the Titans, and I'm going to tell you why. First of all, let's take a look at where they're picking. This is the 19th pick of the draft. 19th. And they just got an elite CB in the making by staying put. At 19th. Betancourt has it all, he really does. A 6'0", 219 lb frame to go with 93 SPD, 93 AGI, and 94 ACC. 70 STR, which is quite good. Then you throw in the 68 AWR (which is still great), and awesome hands right out of the gate. And he'll throw in good tackling ability to boot. All he needs is some SPD points in training camp and maybe a point or two at ACC and he's one of the best 6'0" CBs in this league. I don't think you can ask for more from where the Titans were drafting. They came away with great value and they earned themselves (with a little help from the folks picking in front of them) a surefire A+ from me.

1.20 - SEA - OLB Leonard Floyd - A+

Another pick, another A+. It's that easy, right? Not exactly, it takes some skill, it takes some luck, but whatever the case Nic earned another one here. I saw it coming and I still love it. It's not everyday you find a 6'4" LB with the kind of athleticism Floyd possesses. We're talking 86 SPD/85 AGI/86 ACC. Throw in great instincts and good tackling ability, and you better hope Nic doesn't develop this kid at all because he's going to be special. Nic tried doing the whole height at LB thing with some slower guys recently, and it didn't quite pan out. It's going to pan out this time, because he's the complete package. His strength is not the best at 69, but that's really OK in an OLB. What's the real difference between 69 and 72 STR anyways? This is another A+ pick all the way and why didn't someone take him sooner Mad
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Green Zone League Articles

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