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Grading the 2020 GZL Draft: Picks 21-25
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.21 - DAL - FS Elijah Brownlee - B

There's been a few similar Ss to come out recently with this type of athleticism, height, and complete game, and they've kind of gone all over the board, so it's a little hard to judge the value on this pick. It seems like more and more athletic Ss come out every year, and they seem to be going later and later in the drafts. Clinton-Dix is kind of the gold standard of the group, and he went 1.16 coming out. The Raiders took a very athletic 6'0" at the end of the second round a couple years ago, but he was very raw. The Cowboys drafted one of their own in the second round a few years ago who was 5'11". There were also a couple of comparable Ss that came off the board in the early to mid second round. So all in all, 1.21 was probably a little high, but it was an area of need for the Cowboys so I can't fault the pick too much, and it's not like there was a S on the board that definitely should have been picked ahead of Brownlee. The pick gets a B from me.

1.22 - DAL - LB Myles Jack - B+

Myles Jack was the second-best outside linebacker in this draft and he goes off the board at pick 22. He's pretty similar to Scooby Wright although not as good. He's not too far off though. He, like Scooby, combines uniformly good athleticism numbers across the board to compliment middle of the pack strength. Throw in that he's a pretty polished player coming out of college, and you've got a good player. 6'1", 230 is a little undersized, but I suspect he'll get a chance to beef up in the weight room before too long. For a team that doesn't have a lot of holes, it sure isn't a bad pick. The Cowboys keep trending upwards here with a B+.

1.23 - SD - HB Ya'ell Lowe - A

The Chargers already have a pretty good RB on their team, at least attributes wise, which is why I'm not quite sure why the went RB with the only first round pick. But to be honest - I can't argue with the value. IMO this is another one of those potential picks. You look at this current 90 SPD and it's nothing to love. However, when you see that he has the potential to get to 93 SPD/93 AGI/ACC to go with a 6'2" frame and 75 STR, there's a lot more to love. I guess there's nothing wrong with a little one two punch, eh? Well, actually, that's not quite possible in Madden. So that leaves me wondering what kind of plans the Chargers have for Christine Michael (maybe I should make a trade offer?). Either way I like the pick and the value, so the Chargers get an A from me.

1.24 - HOU - OT Abraham Pearl - B+

Pearl was apparently somewhat of a hot commodity at this point in the draft, and it's not hard to see why. The main selling point on Pearl is that he is an absolute mammoth at 6'6", 240 lbs. That's one big dude. And he's got the goods to go with it with 61 SPD, 94 STR, 62 AGI, and 77 ACC. That big dude can move. Throw in good instincts and blocking technique, and you've got yourselves a solid player. While Pearl is a good player, I still see him as your typical LT that comes off the board around this part of the first round, so I can't say it's amazing value or anything (No, really, take a look.). Still, it's a very good pick, and seeing as Pearl should start at LT from day one, I'd say it was at a position of need as well. B+ all the way here.

1.25 - GB - MLB Rodrigo Pippin - B

The Packers are kicking themselves here as Pearl was going to be their pick all along, so they have to scramble to find the next guy up on their board. In the end they throw a dart and it lands on Rodrigo Pippin ( I hope that's not how they really draft and the dart was just out of anger). I don't see MLB as being a really big need for the Packers, in fact I kind of like their MLBs, even though they're not studs, and I don't find him to be great value or anything either. My best guess is that the Packers are looking for the complete package here in the middle of the defense and are going to put some work into him to ensure he gets there. If that's the case, it's definitely a solid pick, but that's all I think it is. A solid B for the Packers here.
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Green Zone League Articles

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