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2021 GZL Most Productive Offensive Lineman (So Far)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Last season I posted an Article where I proposed a metric to rank the work of Offensive Lineman. You can go back and look at my Article to understand the rationale, but the gist of it is I give points for pancakes and then subtract points for sacks allowed, based on a weighted formula.

Here are the best Lineman so far this season:

Offensive Tackle
1. Oliver Zebedee, DEN (58.00)
2. Greg Robinson, OAK (47.75)
3. DJ Fluker, DAL (42.25)
4. Terron Armstead, GB (42.00)
5. Chad Jamison, GB (40.00)
6. Abraham Pearl, HOU (39.00)
7. Eric Fisher, BUF (38.00)
8. Jessie Carroll, CHI (37.50)
9. Anthony Castanzo, CHI (35.25)
10. Kenny Wagner, SD (35.00)

The lowest ranked Tackle was Seattle’s Earl Cote with a -28.25 after 46 pancakes and 11 sacks allowed.

Offensive Guard
1. Frankie Gerard, TB (46.00)
2. Byron Coles, CHI (44.00)
3. Ty Blackmon, NE (41.00)
4. Jake Long, PHI (40.00)
5. Ty Sambrailo, CIN (39.00)
6. Quentin Raney, NYJ (38.00)
7. David Yankey, BUF (37.00)
8. Thomas Vandal, CLE (36.00)
9. Khalid Croons, DEN (35.00)
10. Kyle Long, MIA (34.0)

The lowest rated Guard is New England’s Vadal Alexander who has a -13.50 after 27 pancakes and 6 sacks allowed.

1. Alex Mack, NO (28.25)
2. Anthony Madison, GB (25.25)
3. Will Figgins, CHI (25.00)
4. Tyson Steffan, DAL (24.25)
5. Nick Mangold, KC (23.50)
6. Braxston Cave, DET (17.75)
7. Demarcus Sterling, NYJ (17.50)
8. Kristofer O’Dowd, STL (17.25)
9. Maurkice Pouncey, DEN (16.75)
10. Mike Pouncey, CIN (15.50)

The lowest rated Center thus far is Marco Medina of the Giants. Medina has allowed 4 sacks and made only 18 pancakes.
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Green Zone League Articles

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