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Most GM Wins of All-Time
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

The other day I was poking around the GZL site and realized I that I was closing in a minor milestone – I’m 5 wins away from having 100 career victories in the league. Now of course, I’m also closing in on 100 career loses, so it’s not that big of an accomplishment, really just a measure of longevity.

Either way, it got me thinking a little about the various GMs that have come and gone and how many wins they’ve had for each franchise. So to satisfy this curiosity, and stave off work for a little longer, I went thru and looked at each franchise and their history of GMs. I then recorded which GM had the most victories for each franchise. Note that in doing so I wasn’t looking at which GM has the most career victories – I know many have managed multiple franchises. So it’s more about who has won the most games for each respective team. In that respect, longevity is a big factor in who has the most victories.

The results were kind of interesting. To no real surprise, Anthony Fernandez has far and away the most victories with a single team. He has been with the Bucs since day one, and earned 133 wins in 188 games. Pretty impressive. In fact, the Bucs are one of only 7 teams that have had a single GM throughout their history. The Bucs, Rams (Richardson), Packers (Mullendore), Vikings (Cepparulo), Seahawks (St. Marie), Patriots (Spencer) and my Cowboys are among this exclusive club. Oddly, 6 of these 7 teams are in the NFC. Not that it means anything, but interesting nonetheless.

Here are the GMs with the most wins with a single team:

1. Anthony Fernandez (Bucs) – 133 wins
2. Kevin Mullendore (Packers) – 115 wins
3. Tim Nissen (Titans) – 106 wins
4. Tyler Richardson (Rams) – 103 wins
5. Garth Pearce (Raiders) – 95 wins
6. Keith Van Wagner (Cowboys) – 95 wins
7. Matt Spencer (Patriots) – 91 wins
8. Nic St. Marie (Seahawks) – 85 wins
9. Joe Gaspar (Ravens) – 78 wins
10. Justin Herr (Jags) – 78 wins

Garth and I have the same number of wins, but he’s done it in fewer games, so I don’t really count that as a tie. Same with Joe and Justin at 9 and 10.

Not all of the GMs on this list have winning records with their clubs. Matt, Nic and Justin are all below .500 and at 95-93 lifetime, I’m not far behind. Tim with the Titans and Garth with the Raiders have been pretty impressive – they are the only 2 in the Top 5 for victories that weren’t their team’s original GM. However, Tim has coached Tennessee for 168 of its 188 games.

Of the original GMs, Anthony’s Vikings have the fewest wins – 72. The team with the GM with the fewest wins? No real surprise, it’s the Colts who have won only 56 games lifetime (the Bucs won 56 after their first 5 seasons in the league, by way of contrast). Jason Arnold has 17 career wins with the Colts and is closing in on the 22 victories of Merlin Smith.
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Green Zone League Articles

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