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Every Team's Record Against "Top 10" Teams
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

I was looking at the Forum thread for the Bucs-Browns Super Bowl preview that turned into a beat down. In the thread Paul said he didn't like his chances because his Browns hadn't really beaten anybody yet.

It got me thinking, who are the teams that HAVE beaten "somebody"?

So I went thru and looked at every team's record against teams that were ranked as "Top 10" teams. Of course, who knows how that's calculated - so I don't put that much stock in the difference between the 9th ranked team and the 11th ranked team. But still, presumably there's a correlation between quality teams and teams ranked Top 10. Of course, these rankings change week to week, so this list will be outdated come next game. Even so, was kind of fun. Here's every team's record so far against Top 10 teams (hopefully, I got this right):

Buffalo - 2-0
Miami - 2-3
New England - 0-2
Jets - 1-3

Baltimore - 2-4
Cincinnati - 1-2
Cleveland - 3-1
Pittsburgh - 2-5

Houston 0-3
Indianapolis - 1-2
Jacksonville - 1-3
Tennessee - 1-3

Denver - 3-2
Kansas City - 2-4
Oakland - 1-1
San Diego - 1-4

Dallas - 0-1
Giants - 0-4
Philadelphia - 0-4
Washington - 1-4

Chicago - 3-1
Detroit - 2-2
Green Bay - 2-1
Minnesota - 2-3

Atlanta 0-6
New Orleans -1-5
Carolina - 3-2
Tampa Bay - 2-2

Arizona - 0-3
St. Louis - 0-2
San Francisco - 1-4
Seattle 1-3

A few things to note. First, for me, this doesn't bode well for my 10-3 Cowboys. No one has played fewer Top 10 teams (only 1) that we have, and we lost that game. Doesn't suggest playoff success. The whole NFC East, in fact, is pretty weak. Collectively, we're 1-13 against quality teams. Ouch!

Every division is collectively under .500 against quality teams, with the exception of the NFC North. Kudos to these teams that are a combined 9-7 in this regard. Pretty impressive when you consider the NFC East's record, or the AFC South (3-11) or NFC West (2-12).

Poor Pittsburgh - of their 13 games, 7 have been against Top 10 teams, the most of anyone. With wins in only 2 of those, no wonder they're 4-9.

Ironically, Cleveland is probably the best against Top Teams, going 3-1 so far. Despite their set back against the Bucs, they have the best record of any team against quality opponents.

Atlanta has by far the worst record against Top 10 teams at 0-6. Having the Bucs and the Panthers in their division has not been good for them.
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Green Zone League Articles

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