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GZL 2022 Mock Draft - Round 1 Part 1
By Greg Wendel
Special to gzl-football.com

It's that time of year folks, the point where GMs and their scouting departments can form a squad that will dominate for years to come or flounder at the bottom of the table. That's right - it's the offseason!

One of the best parts of the offseason is the Rookie Draft. Even better, there's the time before the draft when fans can fantasize about which of their favorite collegiate players will lead their favorite professional team to the next 10 Super Bowls. Well, I'm here to put an end to those dreams and show which player is probably more likely to fall to you and have a mediocre career. I will look forward to being told how wrong that is!

(credit to Garth for putting in some formatting effort so I could rip it off)

1.1 - WR Ja'Vonte Nix
Cornerback is a relatively weak position this year compared to some others. Despite the fact that the Seahawks would likely go there if they could, there is no Richard Sherman type player available. Instead, it's more likely that we'll see the 6'4" monster wideout, Ja'Vonte Nix taken first. Already speedy, a bit more training could put him as one of the fastest handful of players in the league to pair with his towering height.

1.2 - OT Cam Robinson
The Vikings are picking second for the second year in a row and last year's pick here, Carson Wentz, put up very respectable numbers for a first year quarterback. To really cliche things up and "protect that investment", the Vikings should look toward offensive tackle, Cam Robinson. Robinson is a ready made starter from day 1 and will be an instant improvement to the Minnesota offensive line.

1.3 - CB Marlon Humphries
Dre Kirkpatrick is falling off the wagon (no, he's not drinking again, just slowing down) and there is no heir apparent for the number one spot. Ray Turner is more than a respectable player but at 5'10" may struggle to handle some of the taller receivers in the league. Enter Humphries. While he's not the tall beast that we see occasionally around the league, at 6'1" with fantastic speed Humphries will be able to cover more than his share of #1 targets.

1.4 - WR Mike Williams
The next best receiver in the draft is Mike Williams (who? wait, no...). Teddy is getting better and better and deserves a real number 1 target to throw to. Williams has a huge frame and elite agility. His speed will come in time and turn him into a complete player.

1.5 - OT Mike McGlinchey
Only two years removed from winning the Super Bowl, the Redskins found themselves finishing a season 5-11 and owning the 5th overall draft pick. To rebuild the team, the offensive line needs a revamp and Mike McGlinchey can come in to immediate own a starting spot on the left side of the line. The incumbent tackle, Sammy Fraser is as strong as they come but has no mobility to keep up with the agile defensive players that he is facing from week to week.

1.6 - CB Marshon Lattimore
With aging corners, it's time for the Steelers to start training their next big defensive back. Going for a corner now would allow Lattimore to take an internship at the nickel corner slot before slotting in as a 1 or 2 next years.

1.7 - DT Malik McDowell
This is admittedly very early to be taking a DT but McDowell is as good as they come. Only a few DTs in the league have his skillset and would provide a very good pass rushing option from the middle of the defensive line to create that much more pressure on opposing QBs. Would be a big help to the already good defensive ends on the team.

1.8 - OG Ethan Pocic
Fournette would be a very obvious choice here but even the best HBs can't run behind a nonexistant offensive line. Pocic would be a massive upgrade and would arguable provide more benefit to the run game than Fournette would this year, while an upgrade at HB can be made later in draft or another way.

1.9 - DE Myles Garrett
Garrett should never have fallen this far with his skillset but the Saints would be ecstatic if he did. While their defensive ends are already set, Garret can play outside linebacker with no issue and would be filling a need while also just being an outstanding player. Plenty of Madden 'BOOM's to come from his side of the field.

1.10 - DE Ja'Bar Powers
Incredibly talented team makes it hard to find a spot of need but the opposing defensive end to Clowney would be just that spot. The Bears would be annoyed to just miss out on Garrett but the rest of the league would be thrilled. Regardless, Powers is pretty scary as well and would provide another big threat that would need to be blocked every play.

1.11 - WR Courtland Sutton
The Dolphins are the second team in a row without any glaring needs but could absolutely use some depth so this may be a team that we see trade down at some point. If this pick is kept, Miami could add to an already aggressive passing attack with WR Sutton. Another big target would make covering everyone on this team very, very difficult.

1.12 - HB Leonard Fournette
After a pretty weak year from Joseph Randle, the Chiefs would be very happy to see Fournette slip to pick 12. Having a good rushing attack would take some serious pressure off of Nick Foles and Michael Floyd in the air.

1.13 - OG Quentin Nelson
Wait, they're up again?! This time we could see them go with offensive guard to have someone who can immediately step in for Zohard who has been an acceptable starter but not up to the standard of the rest of the team.

1.14 - QB DeShone Kizer
Not many teams have a glaring need at QB these days but the Ravens are probably one of them. Kizer can feasibly come in and play from day 1 if required though would benefit from a year's internship behind a good veteran if one can be brought in cheaply.

1.15 - CB Adoree Jackson
The most athletic CB in the draft only falls here due to being slightly undersized at 5'11. Otherwise, he has everything that it takes and would be a massive help for the Cardinals immediately.

1.16 - MLB Zach Cunningham
Zach Cunningham is just about everything that could be wanted from an inside linebacker and would fit in nicely with the Texans defense to help form a very good unit on that side of the ball. Getting a fantastic player in the middle of the defense could make the Texans a real contender this year.
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