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2022 Offseason Trade Analysis #1
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

Trade #1:

Lions send:
QB Marcus Mariota

Cardinals send:

Breakdown: After trialling a scrambler the Lions weren't happy with the way Mariota played so they switch to the veteran presence of Howard Christensen. Mariota was shopped for a lot of last season with no-one at the time willing to pay a 1st for him. I never expected anyone to actually pay that price, especially in a contract year and the restructure on a 99 OVR QB being expensive, but the cash happy Cardinals apparently thought it was worth dropping down 12 spots in the draft plus giving up a 3rd to boot. I personally don't see Mariota worth more than a 2nd in this league as he's a scrambler and there are a lot of top line free agents who can do the job. In saying that I think the Cardinals way overpaid for him and the Lions get a massive steal of the trade period. The benefit to the Cardinals is that they don't have to pay the salary of the 1,03 pick and they get a 25 year old QB they can build around comfortably for the next 7 years at least.

Winner: Lions

Trade #2:

Lions send:

Bills send:
QB Chris Archer

Breakdown: The Lions are back on the QB bandwagon, this time acquiring a young pocket presence to groom under Christensen. Like any QB drafted in the 4th round, Archer is raw at 62 AWR and 83 THA, but given the right time on field and mentorship he can develop into a GZL capable starter. How much effort put in will determine how quickly that happens, but I'm guessing it's at least a 4-5 year project for him to be solid enough to take the reins full-time. Buffalo get the nod on this one as Archer was 4 deep on their roster and they move up half a round from where they drafted him as well.

Winner: Bills

Trade #3:

Seahawks send:
LOLB Marten Ford

Chargers send:
LOLB Casey Carter

Breakdown: Carter is in the twilight of his career (maybe this year then regression) but is a big improvement over Ford in terms of awareness and tackling ability. You can never underestimate how much an experienced linebacker to can help your overall defensive game, especially if your interior linebackers aren't that developed. For the Chargers they get younger and cheaper at LOLB, but at 5 years played and only 82 OVR, Ford is already behind the eight ball in terms of progression to top level play.

Winner: Seahawks

Trade #4:

Buccaneers send:
RE Angelo Miller
C Nick Martin

Bengals send:
DT Zeus Bryant
C Mike Pouncey

Breakdown: I'm not sure what the Bengals were aiming for here and it has me scratching my head. I can see them moving Miller inside to DT where he's a natural fit and trading for a younger center who has a whole career ahead of him is a good move, but it seems only AF can see the real value in Bryant. The Buccs will surely move him to DE in an instant where he should've been playing his whole career, because judging by the way Shawn Oakman has played for Buffalo (they are very similar players) he could've been beastly already. The center swap was no loss for the Buccaneers as they had 2 youngsters on the roster, but now they have a solid vet and a capable youngster to share the role

Winner: Buccaneers

Trade #5:

Rams send:

Bears send:
DT Terry Bailey

Breakdown: This was an obvious cap dump move by the Bears and they were willing to take peanuts to get any return on Bailey, but he is a 99 OVR, 7 year pro defensive tackle with great athleticism, so the Rams win this hands down, especially as they moved back 23 spots in the draft in the process along with gaining Bailey.

Winner: Rams

Trade #6:

Seahawks send:
WR Rock Pritchett
Future Sea 2nd

Falcons send:
Future ATL 5th

Breakdown: In other drafts the 1.01 pick might have gone for a king's ransom (like 3x 1sts), but there isn't any obvious godly talent at the key positions (QB, CB, WR, HB) that go top pick. The biggest thing the Falcons were facing was the salary of the top pick, which is a problem after a few high draft picks are eating their available cap already, so in this regard the move down is a good option. Picking up a skilled receiver like Pritchett to help Bo Callahan is a solid choice on its own, plus the added top level player may improve their morale issues a bit in the process. In the end they get the value of about 3 first rounders, but it would've been better for the Atlanta if those 2 second rounders were another good player or an actual first.

Winner: Seahawks

Trade #7:

Buccaneers send:
HB Todd Gurley

Chiefs send:
HB Joseph Randle

Breakdown: I'm thinking my mock might be on track and that the Chiefs could've acquired a rookie half back with the twelfth pick, but Gurley is a proven run machine and will instantly elevate their offense to another level if used right. It's a big call to take a 4 year back (half his career) over the rookie option, but they do need to compete with the last two Superbowl champs in their division, so a good call. The addition of Randle and the 5th are fluff on the trade, with Randle being serviceable but of average skills. Still I think the Buccaneers get the better of this y moving up to the top of the first round and shed some significant cap in the process.

Winner: Buccaneers

Trade #8:

Chargers send:
QB Blaine Gabbert
WR Keenan Allen

Saints send:
QB Tyler Wilson

Breakdown: John Stanley reunites with some key cogs of a championship offense at the cost of a quarterback of lesser skill. Yes the Chargers were shedding significant cap in gabber and probably would've let him go for next to nothing, but put together in a trade with Keenan Allen versus Tyler Wilson the Saints look to be making big strides in their attempts to dethrone the Buccaneers in the NFC South.

Winner: Saints
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