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GZL 2022 Mock Draft - Round 1 Part 2
By Greg Wendel
Special to gzl-football.com

Time for the second half of the mock draft, the much more exciting and way more likely to be wrong part! At the time of starting this, not too many draft picks had been exchanged yet but I'm sure by the time I finish this will have all changed. So without wasting too much more time let's get into it!

1.17 - CB Cordrea Tankersly
Following their 3rd straight 8-8 season, the Eagles will be looking to find that X factor (pretty sure there's a rule about a cliche every 20 or 30 words) to really get them over the top and into the next echelon. Of course, that player may no longer be there by pick 17. In that case, they may look to replace Jake Long at RG who is really starting to age, despite having an incredible season in 2021. However, the Eagles finished dead last in takeaways last season and will look to correct that by taking CB Cordrea Tankersly, who will be a monster after a bit of GZL level speed training.

1.18 - OL Temple Delaney
There are a number of places that the Jets could go at this pick and so much of it depends on who is still available. It's still unknown whether or not Adrian Clayborn will be re-signed but he is regressing either way and DE is a position of need. However, with the top DEs gone at this point it's more likely we'll see the Jets take a new offensive guard to replace Quentin Raney, who has been very good at filling in for the position while a long term option is found.

1.19 - HB Dalvin Cook
Using the Bills pick here, the Jags would be beyond excited to get Dalvin Cook at 1.19. After grabbing a guard early on, Cook would be much better placed for success in his native state. This would be a win for both sides.

1.20 - OLB Carroll Phillips
The Niners secondary is in a very tough position at the moment and it would be big if they could land a great cornerback. However, that looks pretty unlikely from pick 20 and will instad have to settle for the most explosive linebacker in the draft. Phillips will still be able to provide a big help in coverage and add pressure to opposing quarterbacks to help make his teammates jobs a little easier.

1.21 - OLB Jarrad Davis
Will the offense humming along nicely as of late, the Bills will look to address the other side of the ball here. After just missing out on Phillips, Jarrad Davis would still be available. While not quite as fast, Davis can still hold his own and is a more polished player to come in and play from day 1 without a problem.

1.22 - SS Jamal Adams
Slightly further along in the draft and it's still no easier to find a player to send to the Bears. Current Safety, Arthur "Fox" McCloud, has started to show signs of his age and will need to be replaced soon if not immediately while his contract is up. Adams is arguable the best safety in the class and will fit right into that vacancy without even a hint of a dropoff.

1.23 - DT Malik McDowell
Somehow I Forgot the Titans as I was going through this and had to go back and edit the rest of the draft from here. Offensive line is easily the most pressing need and Eaton Petrovic will fit in perfectly here. He could use a bit of time in the weight room but is a good selection at this point in the round.

1.24 - MLB Rueben Foster
Foster would be the 4th defensive player in a row if this mock draft is to be exactly right, which is obviously very likely. Linebacker is the only area of the Rams with even a hint of need and Foster is the best one left. He also just happens to be naturally positioned in the most important part of that unit, the middle. Foster can step in and play right away and will likely be very close to 100 tackles for the reason if not above it.

1.25 - WR Harvard Weems
After making the playoffs for the first time in GZL history, the Panthers will be looking to build on that success. Harvard Weems has the name pedigree to be a really smart decision. There's a joke in there somewhere. If not for being just on the wrong side of 6 feet tall, we'd be talking about Weems as a likely top 10 pick but there is a decent chance that he falls to the Panthers here who could showcase him as a very good receiver very early.

1.26 - WR Malachi Dupre
The Browns would be incredibly disappointed to watch Weems be taken just a single spot ahead of them as a receiver could really put this team over the top. Dupre does have a lot of the qualities that are looked for in a receiver in this league (about 75 of them - you do the math) but may take some development time to really hit a high level. He would be a pleasure to be around while that talent develops, the southern gentleman that he is.

1.27 - C Tyler Orlosky
Orlosky is a fantastic find at any position along the offensive line and likely only slides here due to playing center. This is great news for the Patriots who would pick up a real steal of a selection here.

1.28 - OL Tony Strapp
I'm admittedly stumped on who to put here. Orlosky would likely have been the Cowboys pick if he'd have last but like the Browns, would be watching their hopes dashed right at the instant it seemed most likely. Instead we'll have to shift one position over to replace the aging Lance Nguyen. Strapp will help to continue the Cowboys tradition of a strong running game.

1.29 - WR Cooper Kupp
Maybe Kevin could just donate this pick to a poor team in need. We can all see the Packers have no use for it! One option could be 6'0" wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Kupp may need a bit of time to develop but that is the perfect squad to do it on and he can intern as a slot receiver while waiting to make it to the outside next season. Of course, this is a total shot in the dark and the next great Green Bay HB might be here so who knows.

1.30 - S Jabrill Peppers
Remembering the Titans and their earlier draft pick this time, the team has another need at Safety. Jabrill Peppers is an incredible athlete and could fill in at either position. The Titans do have a few guys in place already but none of them posess Pepperspeed. Say that 10 times fast.

1.31 - DE Derek Barnett
The consistant bridesmaid has been left just on the wrong step of the altar once again and it seems to have lit a fire under the Bucs. The Sanchize filled in admirably but King Jameis is back and will be ready to take the team that one step further. With trying to clear some cap room, the Bucs have made it known that the defensive line will be reworked a bit and Barnett would be in a good position to take advantage of some potential early playing time opening up.

1.32 - DT Caleb Brantley
For the final pick in the round, we could very well see another defensive lineman go with DT Caleb Brantley. A bit of time working on his first step could see Brantley become a complete defensive tackle to complement Marcell Dareus, able to rush the passer or stop the run.
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