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Nic's 1st round - 1-10
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

I enjoy doing these as well as the next guy. And plus, I know someone's gonna put out their aggregate mock draft article pretty soon so I wanna get mine in there before I lose my chance.

I am not 32 men. I am an Intelligence Analyst, so I can get into your head a bit. But I also have been trained to tell the truth when I don't have all of the information to perfectly predict the future. Which is always.

If I nail 6 of these, I'll be ecstatic. I did look at these teams for over 2 hours to make these picks, which is why I'm posting a more manageable 10 picks in this first mock.

1.1 - WR Ja'Vonte Nix
Obvious to more than just me. But the Seahawks are in pristine condition at every position but WR. So there is absolutely no way to question this pick, nor what they gave up to get it. Seattle is about to go undefeated for the next three seasons, and Nix is about to rule the galaxy with his GM as son and father.

1.2 - DE Myles Garrett
Talks right now are of the Vikings trading this pick. And with how good their CBs are, I can see the argument. Nix would have been superfluous as well. But wait, two of the best 5 players in this draft are defensive ends. Garrett and Powers are 1 & 2 on my DE board, but the gap is small enough to argue between the two. I went with Garrett, who is both a speed demon and a physical beast. The timing here would mean that since acquiring Graham the Vikings would have two of the very best GZL DE's for about a 20 season span.

1.3 - CB Marlon Humphries
If it falls this way, it's perfect for the Lions. Kirkpatrick can't cover the very best WRs in the league, and next year will not be a starter. Humphries already has 70 AWR, and would be able to mix in for Dre and Ray to get enough reps to get full progression without a talent drop-off. Just play him against unpolished WRs and enjoy the ride. The Lions could consider going several other directions, and their attempts to move on from Jack Pounds suggest there may be a MLB on their mind. But MLBs would still be there at their original draft slot so my thought is CB, QB, or WR.

1.4 - OLB Carroll Phillips
The Colts are building one of the few pure 3-4 defenses in the league. They have good to very good young athletes in most position, but are missing an OLB. OLB is one of the biggest impact positions, and Carroll can be a 6'3" 90 SPD, 89 ACC pass rusher, and has pretty good awareness for a rookie. Fournette or OL may be of interest here as well.

1.5 - DE Ja'Bar Powers
Redskins have a pretty strong defense still, but only have one great DE, and he's 32. Powers could slide Coples over to RE where he'd still have a great impact, and the transition would end up being pretty seamless. Powers is on track to nearly reaching Clowney's level, and seeing an 89 SPD, 90 ACC DE with 79 STR (or higher) would be just as game-wrecking.

1.6 - WR Courtland Sutton
The Steelers have a lot of WRs, but not a lot of starting WRs. Sutton is 6'3", can reach 96 SPD, and already has good hands. The Steelers could use help in other positions, but combining BPA and the talent on the board I see Sutton or Tankersley.

1.7 - DT Malik McDowell
I'm not the only mock to make this connection, but the Falcons needs don't really line up with the top of the draft. In fact, I think they'll move down one more time. But if not, this is one of the few top talents left that looks like a great fit. McDowell is athletic enough to be a DE, and yet a good strong interior guy. Couple that with his great size and awareness and there's nothing missing from this star DT.

1.8 - CB Cordrea Tankersley
6'1", 92/93/92 SPD/AGI/ACC, 64 AWR. This guy is nearly the same player as Hunter Hill on my team...when you project out some speed boosts. Picking between him and Lattimore is tough, but I took the inch over the 1 SPD and 4 AWR...and 15 CTH. Maybe I'm wrong. This is a place where Fournette looks like the guy. He matches the profile of the other running backs, only 100 times better. But for this pick I took them a CB to help a very sluggish set of CBs. 2.28 is not going to get them a second starting CB.

1.9 - HB Leonard Fournette
The Saints already have a nice OL, #1 WR, and a defense full of players that I really like. Then they pulled off an addition by someone's salary cap dump and brought in Gabbert & Allen. This is a team that is ready to win now. Enter Leonard Fournette. A GZL special blend of Adrian Peterson and LaDainian Tomlinson, Fournette would be one of the best WRs on some teams, yet is also a top running back with enough strength and great RB skills. He's a star, and would add a lot to this already very good offense. I think the Saints stick with Dak, instead of doing a lateral move by drafting a QB at 1.9

1.10 - OG Ethan Pocic
The Bears have almost no weaknesses, and because this whole mock is me most of the special players they could find room for are already gone. This mock is unrealistic, OL will be taken before now. But the OL grouping is so tight it could be Pocic, McGlinchey, Robinson, Nelson, or Orlosky (C) depending on whether someone wants 2-3 more SPD, STR, AGI, or ACC. Or OG vs OT to avoid the AWR hit. All of those guys are fantastic athletes, and already very good at blocking and awareness for a rookie.
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