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Green Zone League Articles

Arnold's First Top 15 Mock
By Jason Arnold
Special to gzl-football.com

SEA 1.1 -- WR Ja'Vonte Nix, Oregon ... Well, the pick was announced, so sort of obvious. But, even if it wasn't announced, this was a "duh" pick from get-go.

MIN 1.2 -- DE Ja'Bar Powers, Fl. State ... I think Powers is the best DE prospect. He does everything better then Garrett except Garrett's a bit stronger, though Powers is no slouch in that, either.

DET 1.3 -- CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama ... Humphrey's a very good prospect, but not the third best player in the draft. But, the need for DET at CB is pretty damn glaring. I think they bypass BPA and take a very good player at a big position of need.

IND 1.4 -- DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M ... The Colts' Defense has been pretty stellar the last few seasons. The one major hole on the D is a 10+ sack a year type of player.

WASH 1.5 -- OT Cam Robinson, Alabama ... Their starting LT last season gave up 12 sacks, playing the easiest position in the Madden Engine. Robinson has the athleticism to move over to RT in a year or two and while Decker's very good, could move over to LT.

PIT 1.6 -- WR Courtland Sutton, SMU ... They have some decent enough WRs, but nothing that even closely resembles a bonafide #1.

ATL 1.7 -- OLB Carroll Phillips, Illinois
... The Falcons seem to have 90 people on their roster by just looking at it. One of the few positions that screams of lacking talent is LB. They have just a bunch of guys, no one elite and the two decent LBs they have are both FAs.

JAC 1.8 -- CB Adoree Jackson, USC ... The Jaguars could go a few different directions. OL or LB most notably. But, Adoree while not the ideal 6'1 CB, is an instant impact player that can still be one of the best CBs in the GZL with his athleticisim

CHI 1.9 -- OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame ... Look it's hard to find holes on this Bears team. One "glaring hole" is the lack of athleticism and youth at offensive tackle. Problem solved.

CHI 1.10 -- DT Malik McDowell, Michigan St. ... The second "hole" is not as glaring but, I think they could use a talent boost on the DL. McDowell is a guy you draft and figure out if you want him at RE or DT later. But, he'll give your team a boost wherever you put him.

MIA 1.11 -- LG Ethan Pocic, LSU ... The Dolphins don't really have any holes that scream out to you. But, one is definitely on the interior OL and with a scrambling QB, you got to keep him as clean as you can.

TB 1.12 -- WR Mike Williams, Clemson ... The Bucs got a kings ransom for WR Mike Evans. They need to compliment DGB, may as well add a second Mike Williams to your team.

MIA 1.13 -- HB Leonard Fournette, LSU ... Again, this is a tough call. But, Murray's 'just a guy' at HB, may as well take a gamble and add a guy that could be a game changer.

BAL 1.14 -- CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio St. ... It's between Tankersley and Lattimore here. I think Lattimore is more ready to contribute immediately and I think a better overall prospect.

1.15 ARI -- OT Temple DeLaney, FSU ... ARI has to major, major holes at both CB and OT. I think they'll choose to address OT because they need both a RT and LT. And, at least at CB they have one bonafide stud and some older, but still serviceable CBs ... at OT, they have zilch.
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Green Zone League Articles

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