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2022 Offseason Trade Analysis #2
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

After some perceived controversy in my first article in this series, just remember it's only my opinion, and any perceived "winner" is not rated as a massive win or minor win. As such I've removed the actual Winners line. Take the decision with a grain of salt because you made the decision to trade and are obviously satisfied with the result.

Trade #9:

Buccaneers send:
Future TB 2nd

Cowboys send:
HB Duke Johnson
Future DAL 7th

Breakdown: Tampa has moved on from their obvious #1 back in Gurley and now seek to re-stock the half back larder with some versatility and options. Woodrow Carr looks to be a capable power back but he needs work. Joseph Randle is a light back not likely to start or even see the new season on the roster, whereas Johnson gives a proven performer as a speed back to help support Carr's development. Dallas get some value for a guy whose role has been as an injury filler, so they can only hope Gordon doesn't go down again to ensure this doesn't bit them in the backside.

Trade #10:

Buccaneers send:
WR Mike Evans
Future TB 4th

Jaguars send:
Future JAX 1st
Future JAX 2nd

Breakdown: As soon as I saw this I thought AF is up to his old tricks again (realising value from his stars for a lot of picks), then I thought Justin is up to his old tricks again too (trading Jaguar's future 1sts). Like most teams with a fair whack of talent, Tampa is struggling with the ability to retain all those stars either through too many expiring contracts at once or just not enough cap room to satisfy their demands. Justin was obviously keen on this one to drop the bomb out of the blue and the Buccaneers reel in a treasure trove of picks to keep the team going for a while. I do think that is way too much to pay for anyone player, so the obvious winner here looks to be the Buccs. The Jaguars now hope that Tyler Bray throwing to Devin Funchess and Mike Evans is going to solve all their problems (along with however they take at 1.08) because history isn't kind to the Jags' hopes in this division.

Trade #11:

Buccaneers send:

Vikings send:

Breakdown: This isn't a major trade by any margin, but it's significance may be missed by many. On face value one would ask why would the Buccaneers willing move down 3 spots for no extra compensation? 2 logical reasons for them is a) less salary requirements for pick 2.02, and b) a 2nd round pick can have ITBT points added. So unless you think your 1 and only target late in the 1st/early 2nd is going to get sniped (and I'm sure AF wouldn't have 1 BPA at that stage) then this works out well for the Buccaneers. For the Vikings having a pick that says 1st at the front of it is better fodder for a rebuilding team as trade value on paper.

Trade #12:

Saints send:

Bears send:

Breakdown: The Bears having been wanting to move up, but their aim has been to get in the top 4 of the draft. Now they sit real pretty at picks 9 and 10, although I have a feeling that they won't be nabbing the top tier talent at impact positions they want. A solid move though for the Bears as late 2nd round talent probably won't help this team, whereas for the Saints they now have more chances to take that next step forward and raise the talent in multiple positions.

Trade #13:

Chiefs send:
QB Nick Foles

Dolphins send:
QB Russell Wilson

Breakdown: At a time where veteran QBs are a dime a dozen in this league, any QB trade can be highly scrutinized as unnecessary or wasteful. I don't see it as such because I myself am always looking for other options in this department, so this trading of youth for experience goes both ways. The Dolphins free up some valuable cap space to help retain other stars whilst obtaining a long term leader for the team. The Chiefs move back into the first round and have hopefully solidified their offensive playmakers to compete in the damn toughest division in GZL. The Chiefs also now have the resources to address some other holes in the team to help with their competitiveness.

Trade #14:

Saints send:
LE Chandler Jones

Dolphins send:
RE Demetruce Pair

Breakdown: On paper I see the better defensive end going to Miami, but in the same breath the Saints save some cap room and get back more of a 3-4 DE with a year less played along with progressing some later round picks. The Dolphins will make this move about establishing a defense that is more naturally a 4-3 base, even if it does slightly raise their precarious cap situation, but that's something they can only really get a handle on once match eligible offers are finalized.

Trade #15:

Lions send:
Future DET 3rd

Dolphins send:
ROLB Shyronne Mills
Future MIA 6th

Breakdown: As part of my discussions with Tom I suggested going after Mills but I think he overpaid to get him. With Khaseem Greene's exorbitant contract being released from the books they fill his spot with a quite able (and younger) linebacker with a cheaper salary. Miami free up some much needed cap space ($5.81M) that was being wasted on a backup and ad to the collection of picks they may need to fill holes if players get poached.
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Green Zone League Articles

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