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GZL 2022 Let's Mock It 11-20 v2
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

The draft class is now on site and people can start digging deep into their scouting, so time to mock up the draft as it sits with all trades considered at RFA stage:

1.11 - OG Quenton Nelson
This pick is still dependant on the outcome of match eligible free agency as the Dolphins could get gutted at multiple positions. Bryan has expressed a desire to move up at least half a dozen spots which means he has an eye on the top tier talent. One spot they have no questions over is guard and nelson gives them a highly athletic and able player to solidify their offensive line. There a quite a few o-line players who could easily be drafted here with varying skill sets depending on your preference, but nelson is already a guard so saves the -5 AWR hit for moving a tackle inside.

1.12 - OLB Carroll Phillips
With Fournette still on the board do the Buccs throw out all their other half back moves and go BPA on him? He could take Michael Williams to understudy Jessie Hendrick plus a swathe of offensive linemen are still there for the picking, corners galore and a few linebackers. We know AF drafts at Best player available and he'll see the blazing speed of Phillips as just that. This will give him another option to work into his hybrid defense as best he sees fit, or move along another player for more draft resources.

1.13 - CB Adoree Jackson
Gary Cohen has setup his offensive leaders, so now it's a tough call on whether you draft support for them (WR, O-Line) or help out the otherwise of the ball. I've gone with a more balance approach as the corner back position needs some fresh blood. Jackson gives them a player with tons of speed, strength, awareness and hands. Yes he's 5'11" but when compared to the 6'0" and 6'1" corners he outshines them all, so how much does that extra inch or 2 really matter when you can run as fast as any receiver out there?

1.14 - CB Cordrea Tankersley
With so many capable veteran QBs out there I can't see the Ravens using a high pick to get the best QB in the draft, especially considering he's only an okay option for any other draft. With Eric Victorino having taken his first step into the regression abyss they can't afford to let their pass defense go with it. Tankersley gets minimal time to develop into a starter but can be slotted in and out depending on the matchup for the first year. He can end up at 6'1" and 95 SPD/ACC which is a nice combination. The ravens are on the lookout for a receiver as well and there are option at this point to draft one as well.

1.15 - OT Mike McGlinchey
When you have $85M in cap room and 24 players requiring resign you know its times of trouble and from a mock draft perspective leaves a million holes that this pick could plug. Most of their o-line is aging or out the door so a solid offensive tackle like McGlinchey gives some long term stability and at least one player who can help Mariota in his attempts to resurrect the Cardinals. It does sound unlikely that the second best offensive tackle falls to pick 15, but I'm trying to match team needs with valued talent per pick. An heir apparent at WR would be useful, along with a second corner to complement Bell, a pass rushing DE or OLB would also fit the bill.

1.16 - HB Leonard Fournette
Trent Richardson is sliding in his abilities and Paul knows the value of a strong running attack. Nabbing the best back in the draft at pick 16 is a steal (highly unlikely) and I couldn't see him being passed over again because an opportunity like this isn't likely to come again. Failing to grab this opportunity they can address their patchwork at MLB, or even add further pass rush with a solid right end.

1.17 - OT Temple DeLaney
With plenty of starters out of contract in Philly this is another tough call, but I can't see Jake Long returning at the ripe old age of 37, so a replacement guard is on the books. Whilst listed as an OT, DeLaney is the most athletic o-line in the draft and would be quite suited to the move inside as a pulling guard for Hill. His athleticism would also be useful in keeping up with the movements of Malik McNabb (assuming he's resigned). With both starting corners also hitting the market there may be room for a new corner here, along with adding some height to the receiver corps amongst other things.

1.18 - DE Derek Barnett
I was surprised with the lack of holes I could find in the Jets roster, with the most obvious being the aging RE spot. Barnett gives them a new lease of pass rushing life on the right side, applying some decent strength, agility and acceleration for his size. His speed isn't at the level of the top of this class but that's abnormal anyway.

1.19 - OG Tony Strapp
Now the Buccs can really go to town on BPA now, but actually fill a gap as Quinn Matthews is getting on and is also out of contract. Athletically Strapp is a step up on Matthews as the third guard in this class with elite OT levels of skill, just has some awareness work to do. Outside this the Buccaneers could go with whoever they feel is best value, like HB Cook or Mcaffrey.

1.20 - CB Marshon Lattimore
The 49ers are in trouble in their secondary as they have 1 guy with 90 speed and nothing higher. They need a real injection of skill and Lattimore addresses that problem and can have an impact from the get go. He's 6'0" and 93 speed to start, matched with 68 awareness and 70 catch so he leapfrogs into starter role over the entire current roster. The cap situation is tight in San Fran so some tough decisions will need to happen, but there looks to be plenty of dead wood that can be cut to allow for some fresh injection of talent.
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Green Zone League Articles

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