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Mel's top 10 2022 Mock Draft v1.1
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com

SEA 1:1 WR Ja'Vonte Nix

Seahawks have all Ready Informed Nix He's a Seahawk a
They have Started Contract Talks
IMO best WR to come out ub GZL Draft Since 2017 Draft
Speed and Size and great hands this was no brainer for The Seahags.

Here the Trade Detals Miami gives:
2.15 (via trade with Lions)
Future 5th
HB Latavius Murray

Minnesota gives
Future 3rd

1.2 MIA HB Leonard Fournette

Miami Traded a boat load picks to get
They Grab a Great Running with Huge 87 BTK who catch and be 3 down back for years to come
With Also Trading Latavius Murray to the vikings
This is pretty easy one to see

1.3 DETMLB Raekwon McMillan

If People Remember Lions had MLB Martez Wilson
Who's now in Jacksonvile. Wilson has 69 Catch Rating
Raekwon McMillan in the same Mold 62 Catch 82 Tackle 83 speed
Lions run to hand in it's draft card to get this guy

1.4 INDYWR Courtland Sutton

Sutton in 2nd best WR in the Deep class of Wideouts
Good Speed and Hands and Colts need a Target for Bridgewater
Hankerson is long in the tooth and no other Wideouts with size on the roster .

1.5 Was DE Myles Garrett

The Redskins Get there Man Praying He's Fall after Chi Trade up
another Amazing DE with Speed Coming very Popular in GZL Warrooms
Who ever don't go to CHI with Trade up comes here.

1.6 PIT MLB Zach Cunningham

Steeler MLB Sean Weatherspoon is 35 years old
Getting Cunningham Refreshed the spot with Youth .
Plus he my top Linebacker Lions should really take this guy
But we all know that GM Detroit is nuts and Need a staight Jacket

1.7 ATL DT Malik McDowell

Falcons Could use some Speed in the Middle of Defence line
McDowell is Stud and could Be played at DE out of position in some Games
They could also Trade down again

1.8 JAC CB Marlon Humphrey

CB Aaron Williams Is 33 years old time for some youth back there.
Marlon Humphrey is top CB in The Draft the Run to Hand in the card
Then Thank the draft god Speed and Hands and Hope with 1 pick.

1.9 CHI DE Tyson Smith

Bears Still get 3rd Best DE in the Draft add 2nd 1 top 10
He Raw but has great Upside and Should be nice fit in Chicago

1.10 CHI CB Marshon Lattimore

Bears CB Morris Claiborne is 31 years old
Picking up Lattimore makes great since for depth when Morris to old cover fast guys.
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