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Green Zone League Articles

Aggregate Mock Draft
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Just a quick little mini-article. So far there have been 6 mock drafts (not counting the two second drafts of the mock drafts). That's a lot!

I went thru and reviewed them all and tried to create an aggregate Top 10. This took a little fudging as some mocked only the Top 10, some did the first half of the draft, and Wendel took on the heroic task of doing the whole first round. Without getting too much into it, I had to add in a few placeholder rankings to give some weight to the positions. For example MLB Raekwon Cunningham appeared in 3 mocks and in 2 of those he was a Top 10 pick. However, in 3 mocks he didn't even appear. So I assigned a mid-round value for him for those mocks he didn't appear in. I did so for any player who appeared in 3 or more mocks.

Here's the aggregate Top 10, with their average position:

1. WR Ja'Vonte Nix (1.00)
2. DE Myles Garrett (4.00)
3. DE Ja'Bar Powers (4.50)
4. CB Marlon Humphrey (5.17)
5. WR Courtland Sutton (7.67)
6T. OT Cam Robinson (8.00)
6T. DT Malik McDowell (8.00)
8. OLB Carroll Phillips (10.50)
9T. OT Mike McGlinchey (11.67)
9T. OG Ethan Pocic (11.67)

Of the 30-plus players who got mock drafted, only 5 appeared in each draft: Nix, Garrett, Humprey, Powers, and McDowell. HB Fournette and OLB Phillips appeared in 5 of the drafts.
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Green Zone League Articles

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