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Green Zone League Articles

2022 GZL Mock Draft 1.0 - Stanley
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 - WR Ja'Vonte Nix
The Seahawks have already made an announcement stating they will pick Nix with the first pick so there isn’t much to discuss here. Nix is the most talented player in the draft and perhaps one of the most talented players GZL has ever seen come out. He has everything you would look for in a receiver and is a polished player coming out. No arguments here. It’s the right pick.

1.2 – RB Leonard Fournette
The Dolphins just made a big trade up with the Vikings, and they had to have a player in mind when doing it. According to an article by the team, Fournette may be the player they are looking towards. Fournette is extremely talented, that is not a question. But what is a question is he worth the 2nd pick, and more importantly was he worth a trade up and the kind of draft and player capital that Miami gave up? That’s debatable, and I’d personally lean towards no despite how good Fournette is. I also question the value of a RB at #2, but with all that said there is no doubt Fournette will be successful and a safe pick here.

1.3 – CB Marlon Humphrey
I have no idea where GM Tom Riddell will choose to go with this pick. There are several areas he could look to address with this pick. Since I don’t know who he’ll pick, I went with who I’d pick and that is Marlon Humphrey. He is one of the top couple of players in the draft and would step into a secondary that has an aging Dre Kirkpatrick and an undersized Ray Turner who gives up a lot of catches. Humphrey is the complete package, size, speed, and all around athletic ability. He will be a number one, shutdown CB in short order and be well worth this pick.

1.4 – DT Malik McDowell
The Colts have a pretty talented roster for a team that is picking 4th overall. They do have some areas they could address on the offensive line and at wide receiver on offense, but I think they go with a defensive player in the front seven. McDowell is as safe as it gets in this draft. He is a plug and play player on the defensive line and you know exactly what you are getting. He can sure up the inside for the Colts and help to build a formidable front along with fellow youngster Mark Cook, Adolphus Washington and a veteran like Frank Cotton or Dominique Easley.

1.5 – DE Myles Garrett
The Redskins could look to move this pick to acquire players and/or picks to fill a number of holes but if they keep it I could see Garrett being the pick. He is extremely talented at defensive end and has the size to bulk up into the 280lbs range which would make him a pretty stout, as well as athletic player. The Redskins are pretty good on the backend, so improving the front seven could be the way to go with either a defensive lineman or linebacker, and I think Garrett would be the most talented of the bunch at this point.

1.6 – MLB Reuben Foster
This pick gave me a little bit of trouble. Ultimately I decided to go with a safe, sure bet in Reuben Foster. He can step in day one at middle linebacker and quarterback this defense. Sean Weatherspoon has an expired contract, so there is a hole in the middle of this defense. Pittsburgh is always known for their ‘backers so adding Foster to go with Scottie Powers and Kamalei Correa gives them a nice trio.

1.7 –SS Jamal Adams
The Falcons are seriously loaded with talent. I couldn’t find a single place where I would say there is a glaring need. A nice place to be for a team picking in the top 7. I ended up going with a luxury pick at SS with Jamal Adams who is as good as it gets for a safety prospect. Size, athleticism, strength and tackling ability. Adams will be a stud wherever he goes. Maybe not to Atlanta, but there really are no apparent needs for them.

1.8 – OT Cam Robinson
This seems like a pretty easy pick for me. The Jaguars don’t have much going on the offensive line and the rest of the offense won’t be able to go without a solid line. Current RT Eben Britton is regressing, so there is a clear need at a very important spot. Plugging Robinson in at RT and pairing him with second year player Ezequiel Truitt will form a nice OT tandem for which the Jaguars can build on for the next ten years.

1.9 – WR Michael Williams
After acquiring this pick from the Saints, the Bears now have back to back picks in the top 10 and are going for it this year. They don’t need much, but I can see them going with a receiver here to pair with Jorge Lloyd and AJ Green and replace Green in the coming years. Williams is not as good as Ja’Vonte Nix at the top of the draft, but who is? Williams is very talented in his own right and is a #1 WR in the league.

1.10 – OG Ethan Pocic
Take your pick here between Pocic and Quenton Nelson. Pretty similar players and both can make an immediate impact on a championship level team. The Bears, without many holes, fill their one potential need along the offensive line and fill it with a high quality player who can step in right away. This will give them a pretty loaded offensive line across the board, which is the backbone of great teams.
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Green Zone League Articles

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