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Green Zone League Articles

Mel Kiper's 2022 Big Board
By Bryan Laurenson
Special to gzl-football.com

01. WR Ja'Vonte Nix
What happens when you take Randy Moss and say "Do you even lift, bro?", and then Randy Moss starts lifting weights and becomes much stronger while retaining his field stretching speed? Ja'Vonte Nix is what happens. He will go 1.1, whether the Seahawks keep the pick or not.

02. CB Marlon Humphrey
Marlon has solid height (6'1") and has a very high physical ceiling (96SPD 98AGI 97ACC) for a GM willing to put some development into him. He also has above average AWR and could easily become a top cover man in just a couple of seasons.

03. HB Leonard Fournette
Fournette is the complete package. He essentially will need no Training Camp development, unless the GM who drafts him wants to invest some more STR in him. With elite physicals to match his elite CAR/BTK, Leonard will be a force immediately out of the gate. Depending on where he ends up he should be an easy bet for a run at ROTY.

04. DT Malik McDowell
McDowell is quietly moving up draft boards and with good reason. With some STR and ACC training, he will instantly become a very unique player. He's a rare specimen of power and athleticism who also stands at 6'6". The DT position historically is not one seen drafted in the Top 10 very often in the GZL, but I expect that to be different this year.

05. OLB Carroll Phillips
While McDowell is moving up in mock drafts, Phillips seems to be sliding down them. If he falls on draft day, some team will be getting a steal. With a little bit of development Phillips will closely resemble the studly Khalil Mack. You can question his lack of strength, but a 6'3" 90SPD/89ACC linebacker is a special player.

06. LT Cam Robinson
It's hard to find any flaws in Robinson's game. You could say that his top end speed isn't elite, which is true, but it would be mostly nitpicking. He's a lock for a Top 10 pick and will be the cornerstone piece of a team's OL.

07. QB Mitch Trubisky
There's nothing terribly exciting about Mitch Trubisky. He has an average arm and ok accuracy. But due to a weak QB class... his above average AWR and height... and the fact that you need a QB to win you games... expect Trubisky to come off the board sooner rather than later. A Top 10 appearance is even possible.

08. DE Myles Garrett
Garrett is one of a kind. He will come into the league with no other players comparable when it comes to his blend of SPD/STR/ACC. He should have success anywhere on the defensive line, and can likely be molded to any scheme.

09. WR Courtland Sutton
Sutton isn't nearly as versatile as Nix, but his height and vertical jump (6'3"/93JMP), along with his breakaway speed potential (96SPD), will make him a legitimate big play threat in the GZL. He also enters the league with solid hands.

10. MLB Zach Cunningham
There's several top notch MLB prospects this year. Rueben Foster and Raekwon McMillan could find their names being called ahead of Cunningham. But ultimately I like Cunningham's height and skillset. All three of these guys could end up going in the Top 15, and all are sure bets to lead the defenses they wind up on.
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Green Zone League Articles

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