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The Only Mock That Matters! Version 1.0
By Bryan Laurenson
Special to gzl-football.com

Just another mock to add to the offseason festivities.

1.1 - WR Ja'Vonte Nix
A foregone conclusion.

1.2 - HB Leonard Fournette
Rumblings on the street have said this is the route the Dolphins may go, and it makes plenty of sense. Fournette is the complete package and ready to roll on day one. Even as a rookie, he will likely be a top fantasy football draft pick come August.

1.3 - MLB Raekwon McMillan
The Lions have two obvious directions they could go. With no MLB on their roster (and no OLBs who seem fit to move inside), it makes sense to grab either McMillan or MLB Cunningham to help plug the center of their defense. Taking MLB here instantly makes the Lions stronger, and will immediately help keep them competitive in a tough division. They could also decide to go the BPA route, and choose CB Marlon Humphrey. Humphrey can be groomed to replace Dre Kirkpatrick and will be a force to be reckoned with. But like all CB's in the GZL, he will take a few seasons to get acclimated. So do the Lions go with immediate need or future investment?

1.4 - OT Cam Robinson
The Colts need Teddy Bridgewater to breakout soon, and 2022 might be the year. To aid the process they bring in Robinson who helps turn a good o-line into a great one. Colts' GM Arnold has shown an eye for DE Ja'Bar Powers, but I ultimately think he takes the top shelf Tackle in order to get the offense fired up.

1.5 - DT Malik McDowell
The Skins need some young talent on their D-line. Coples is getting older and there's not much talent behind him to discuss. McDowell can play in the middle or at RE for Washington and likely have an impact in his rookie season.

1.6 - MLB Zach Cunningham
The linebacker core in Pittsburgh is not currently up to snuff with the team's long lineage of greatness at the position. Remove Scottie Powers from the lineup and the Steelers look empty in the middle of the field. With a strong MLB class, they can grab a top shelf talent without owning a Top 5 pick. I predict Cunningham here and also predict that he wins DROTY.

1.7 - OLB Carroll Phillips
The Falcons have a solid roster, but on close inspection you will see that their LB core may be their weakest component. They have some solid skill players, but are lacking physical specimens. They need a jolt of speed in the middle of the field and Phillips will bring exactly that. He will instantly become their best LB from a physical attribute standpoint.

1.8 - CB Cordrea Tankersley
There are several directions the Jags could go here. Their OL needs serious help, and a young stud OT like Mike McGlinchey makes plenty of sense. But ultimately we think the Jags take a sexier pick with Tankersley who can help an aging Jags' secondary.

1.9 - OT Mike McGlinchey
The Bears will likely need an OT after letting Jessie Carroll stroll into the FA abyss. McGlinchey is decent enough to start at LT his rookie season, and will likely be a stud after only a season or two.

1.10 - WR Courtland Sutton
Chicago finishes out the Top 10 by taking Sutton with AJ Green entering his twilight years. Sutton is both a deep threat and a great red zone target. He's no Ja'Vonte Nix... but then again, who is?
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Green Zone League Articles

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