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Top 5 Mock Draft
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 - WR JaVonte Nix
This pick has already been announced, so there's little guesswork here, but it's worth talking about anyways. The Seahawks have never been particularly strong at WR, but lately they've been trying to shed that reputation. Two years ago they used the fifth overall selection to take WR Armani Chance. Chance, a tall, big-bodied WR with enough lateral quickness and down-field speed to go toe to toe with the best GZL has to offer, spent most of his first season on injured reserve before breaking out in his sophmore campagin to the tune of over 1,000 yards. Clearly pleased with those results, the Seahawks traded up to the first overall selection to take a similar but even better WR. Nix is very comparable to Chance from a speed and agility perspective, but stands an inch taller at 6'4" while possessing more strength and is the more polished player entering the draft. Nix has unreal potential, which I fully expect GM Nic St. Marie to maximize. As I've stated elsewhere, he's the best WR to come out in a long time, and the position hasn't exactly been lacking talent. The Seahawks will come away winners here.

1.2 - HB Leonard Fournette
The Dolphins traded a lot, including their starting HB, to move up to this spot, so this is another pick that seems to be fairly locked in (although not yet announced). While the Dolphins have spent the last few days watching people bid up some of their best players, they're probably too busy salivating over Fournette to care. For whatever reason Miami has been home to some of favorite HBs in the league (Bell followed by Murray), somehow managing to trade them only to find another stud. Fournette is no exception to that trend, and, Like Nix, is one of the best to come out at his position. Compared to Todd Gurley, the prize HB of the 2018 class who was taken 5th overall, he boasts +3 SPD, +1 STR, +7 AGI, +2 ACC, and +3 BTK. And while he isn't quite Derrick Henry level good, no one in this league is. Additionally, if you happen to be a fan of HBs with great SPD while only mediocre ACC like I am, Fournette is everything you could ever dream of besides piling on some strength points. While it's questionable if what they paid to upgrade was worth it, especially in a league where you don't need an absolute stud of a HB to succeed, there's no doubt they are getting an exceptional talent here.

1.3 - DE Myles Garrett
This pick is much harder to prognosticate, mainly because I'm often left unsure what sort of foreign parameters the GM uses to evaluate talent. For some insane reason there has been talk of MLB Raekwon McMillan being taken here, but you will not see me mock a mediocre LB talent to the third pick in the draft. The Lions also have a fair number of holes on their roster so there are a number of logical ways they could go with this pick. I'm always a proponent of best pick available, sometimes even ignoring a need in favor of talent, so my pick for the Lions here is DE Myles Garrett. Garrett hasn't been getting a lot of love in Mocks for reasons I cannot at this time explain, but for my money he has more potential than anyone left on the board. Sprinkle +3 SPD and +3 ACC on top of his already elite combo of attributes and you will have one of the most dominant defensive ends at one of the most important positions on the defense. I'm guessing the Lions will probably argue that they already have Trent Murphy at LE, but he A)is not near the force Garrett can be and B) can easily be played at OLB which would also fill a need for the team. Go best pick available here, Tom, and you won't regret it.

1.4 - DE JaBar Powers
With the fourth pick in the draft the Colts also have a lot of options here. I think the same rule needs to apply - you take the best player available. Powers is the other stud DE in this class, and there really isn't much separating him from Myles Garrett. In fact, he's really a 1B to Myles' 1A, and some draft experts probably even see if the other way around. While Garrett really benefits from the addition of some athleticism, Powers could be a true force with some work on his strength in the weight room. I was tempted to mock a top offensive lineman, cornerback, or maybe even a linebacker like Caroll Phillips here, but I really think Powers stands above the rest from both a current and potential talent perspective. The Colts may like their current LE, but he's 31 and has yet to record more than 8 sacks in a season, and has only topped 4 twice(!). Take the best player available, and you'll never regret it.

1.5 - WR Mike Williams
At this point I think we start to see a change in the type of prospects coming off the board. These guys are still very good, but they're not going to be among the very best at their position anytime in the near future. Without any clear standouts, I think the Redskins have some room to draft more based on need here. Which is good, because their team checks a lot of boxes that you typically like to see checked. They've got a good group of CBs in the backfield, a stud LE, a franchise QB, and a future cornerstone at RT. The one box you don't see checked? A true game-changer at WR. I think they have a great opportunity to secure one right here with the fifth pick. While Williams doesn't have blazing speed, he is still a 6'3 WR with excellent strength and lateral quickness. He will need some work to become great, yes, but so will everyone else left on the board. Put the maximum allowed points into speed and acceleration and you have a stud. If I'm being honest, I think trading down would be a good idea for the Redskins, but if they want a WR Williams can be a great pick up here. Another great pick that would fill a need here is RB Dalvin Cook, but there's a lot more talent at RB than WR in this draft.
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