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Green Zone League Articles

Mocking the Rest of the Top Ten
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.6 - OT Mike McGlinchy
The Steelers don't have a ton of holes on their team, but two positions that stand out as especially lacking talent are MLB and RT. While I think MLBs Zach Cunningham and Rueben Foster could be in play here, I think OT Mike McGlinchy is the superior talent. Invest three strength points into him and he is easily talked about as one of the best in the league at his position. It's a pretty close call between him and Ethan Pocic (who can easily be moved to OT) as to who is my top offensive lineman, but in the end I have to give the nod to McGlinchy given the elite lateral quickness despite being a hair less strong and polished. While Bull Victorino is a cool name and all, he has no business playing RT and should be moved elsewhere on the line. No one will be happier to hear this pick called than QB Ryan Mallet who should see cleaner pockets for the next decade plus.

1.7 - OLB Carroll Phillips
This is a tough pick to mock for a couple different reasons. First of all the Falcons have a pretty talented roster, so there's no positions that strike me as having a glaring need. Secondly, both their MLB and RT are awaiting word on whether management will match offers from other clubs. However even if RT Bo Schneider is let walk, it's about time that Michael McMillen is handed the reins to take over at RT. Assuming McKinney is brought back at MLB, I think Phillips is the perfect pick here. The Falcons lack both speed and strength at the OLB position, and Phillips has athletic ability in spades bolstered by decent strength. With some work in training camp he and Coples could one of the best tandems in the league on the left side of the ball. Double digit sacks for both wouldn't be out of the question. I like Phillips here in a pick that should keep NFC South quarterbacks up at night.

1.8 - CB Marlon Humphrey
Despite dropping off a truckload of picks on Tampa Bay's doorstep in exchange for WR Mike Eavns, Jacksonville still has a top ten pick to work with here. The Jaguars have a sizeable amount of talented athletes throughout their roster, but one position that is surprisingly lacking is cornerback. Although I'm sure they never expected Humphrey to fall to them at 1.8, I'm equally sure they will be jumping to hand their pick in. Humphrey is a great athlete despite lacking top-end speed and only being an average playmaker, the main reasons teams shied away from him at the top of the draft. But he's great value with the eighth pick, and I'm sure the Jags will be willing to put the necessary work into him to make him elite. Humphrey will make their secondary better from day one and give them a great building block looking into the future.

1.9 - OL Ethan Pocic
The Bears kick off their first of back to back picks here in the top ten, a luxury like none other. Looking over their roster they have a lot of talent spread across both sides of the ball, but their team is a little defense heavy. If they can bring their offense up to speed with their defense they will be a tough team to beat. I think they get to work on that idea right here with the pick of OL Ethan Pocic. While many are probably shying away from Pocic because he's a guard rather than a tackle, a simple position change and loss of 5 AWR can fix that. Luckily Pocic has a great football IQ and will still be in great position to handle the extra work and succeed. As noted earlier, Pocic is very similar to McGlinchy in that he has elite athleticism and can be a truly great player with a little work in the weight room.

1.10 - WR Courtland Sutton
Quick disclaimer here: I know I've been preaching a lot about best pick available (at least in the first part of this series), but I don't have Sutton in the top 15 on my board. He's a good WR with great SPD/height potential, but he lacks the big body and the strength you look for in a 6'3" WR. Truth be told, I think the smart play here would be for the Bears to trade down and pick up Sutton or a couple less sexy picks later. But if they do stay, I don't think there's anything wrong with reaching for Sutton here, as he's the last of his kind in the draft, and the most obvious upgrade needed to an otherwise outstanding roster. And hey - the kid can still be really good if he gets up to 96 SPD with his 6'3" frame. He's just not the complete package. In the end the Bears might not be able to pick up a talent like him if they trade down, so this is one case where you won't see me faulting someone for reaching a bit.
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Green Zone League Articles

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