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Green Zone League Articles

Rounding Out the Top 20
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.16 - MLB Reuben Foster
The Texans are another talented team that catches a break with a need/value mesh at the spot they're picking. Although both of the top MLBs made it to the latter part of the first half of the first half, GM Paul Willis stops their slide here at pick sixteen and gets a good player in Rueben Foster. Foster isn't going to wow you with any kind of elite athleticism, and he's not what you would call a playmaker against the pass, but he's a GZL-ready thumper with a high football IQ, great technique, and more than enough strength to hold his own in the trenches. He's your classic run-stuffing MLB while still possessing above-average athletic ability to boot. His somewhat one dimensional game caused him to fall this far, but I think the Texans will be happy to have him in Houston as they find good value to fill a need here.

1.17 - WR Harvard Weems
The Eagles are on the clock first as we enter the latter half of the first round. While the talent has fallen off a little, there's still some potentially elite players less impact positions such as OC or DT. The Eagles seem pretty set at both spots, so I'm going to say they take WR Harvard Weems here as the cupboard is pretty bare. While they already have a burner in WR Cooks, he just got offered a pretty hefty deal the Eagles would have to match. Even if they do match, which I expect they will with 57m on hand to work with, two lightning fast WRs is never a bad thing, and there's also time to pick up a more possession type WR later on. Weems is only 5'11" but with 96 SPD coming into the league he has the potential to reach the max of 99, which would give Malik McNabb two of the fastest players in the league to throw downfield to. If the Eagles decide to throw need out the window and go full BPA, I think they take Malik McDowell and let Harry Sampson ride the bench until Fletcher Cox calls it quits.

1.18 - DT Malik McDowell
The Jets have a pretty talented roster filled with above average athletes, so this is another pick that at first glance is hard to project off of need. However, upon second glance, I think the Jets could hit a home run here with a little bit of maneuvering of their roster. While Datone Jones has done very well for the Jets at DT, and you never want to mess with too much of a good thing, I think he could be equally impactful at RE, making room for the Jets to stop Malik McDowell's slide at pick eighteen. McDowell is being touted by many analysts as a top ten talent, and for good reason. McDowell has elite athleticism to pair with above average strength which could possibly be worked up all the way to 96. However, the simple fact that he is a DT caused him to fall in the second half of the first round while the Jets are happy to stop his slide.

1.19 - CB Cordrea Tankersly
The Buccaneers are back on the clock, and I think they've found a perfect pick again here with the nineteenth selection. Claudio Ambellina has seen better days and is starting to fall off as a starting option at cornerback. While the Buccs already have three talented CBs they've been developing, AF has never been one to shy away from valuing CBs very highly and I think he throws another one into the mix here, with, as always, the option of trading one at a later date. Tankersly doesn't do anything great, but he stands 6'1" tall and does everything well, and has the potential to be a #1 CB in this league if developed properly. If AF decides to go full BPA here I can see him taking the best OL on the board in Temple DeLaney, but he's already pretty crowded across the board there. Such is life with a stacked roster, though. In all reality I see AF trading either up or down from this pick, perhaps to pick up a sliding talent like Malik McDowell.

1.20 - C Tyler Orlosky
The Seahawks have always been a run first team, and in recent years have taken action to beef up their offensive line. While they traded away the very talented OG Zack Martin to get this pick, I think they stick to the plan while filling a need and grab the very talented C Tyler Orlosky. Orlosky is a very polished player entering the draft who also happens to have elite athleticism and the potential for 94 STR. The Seahawks will plug him in from day one and continue the overhaul of their increasingly scary offense.
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Green Zone League Articles

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