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GZL 2022 Let's Mock It Top 10 v3
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

The draft class is now on site and people can start digging deep into their scouting, so time to mock up the draft:

1.1 - WR Ja'Vonte Nix
So Nic has called it and Nix will be the latest rookie addition into Seattle. After dealing out Rock Pritchett (a player with decent height and skill) to get this pick, they are looking to develop a once in a lifetime player. Standing at 6'4", Nix can max out at 98 SPD, 98 AGI and 94 ACC. Comparing to current league players with that speed, the tallest is Rueben Randle at 6'2", but he has 90 AGI and 91 ACC. In the current environment Nix is a unique player, outclassing the like of Dorial Green-Beckham and Devin Funchess taken 3 years ago (both 6'5"), 6'2" Tyler Boyd and Laquon Treadwell taken in 2020. His STR and BTK both are heads and shoulders above the competition too.

1.2 - HB Leonard Fournette
The Dolphins paid big to get this pick from Minnesota, all in the name of upgrading their running back. Fournette is a legit top 10 pick, but so far those backs taken high in the draft haven't been the knockout players everyone expected (Ezekiel Elliot and Cubby Williams spring to mind). Latavius Murray hasn't been a slouch in Miami for the past 2 years so this was a big call for the new GM, but he's backing the young rusher out of LSU to be GZL ready (maybe with some ACC help along the way) and make an impact out of the gate. His physical skills are one of a kind in this league so he's an exciting prospect to keep your eyes on in years to come.

1.3 - WR Courtland Sutton
I still feel the Lions want to finally get a legit receiver to their team, finally replacing the Megatron/Gettis era with a 6'3" guy who can stretch the field. Tom will need to focus some training camp on him over the next 3 years to make him into a full spread threat, but he'll have a quality target to develop for QB Archer to pair with in the long term. If Tom wasn't so fixated on speed alone then Michael Williams would be a slightly better option with better STR (+11), AGI (+4), ACC (+2) and BTK (+9) at the cost of 2 speed points.

1.4 - De Ja'Bar Powers
The latest set of transactions for the Colts have filled a few needs with acceptable players (OT and WR), and with both defensive ends on the block it looks like Powers could be the next man taken. I'm sure I read in another mock that Jason preferred the extra speed and acceleration of Powers over Garrett for the loss of strength, but it's his call here as he has both to choose from. With the loss of Eli Harold in a bumble RFA period they may also be considering OLB Carroll Phillips to electrify their linebacker corps.

1.5 - DE Myles Garrett
This pick is still on the block and I'm sure Kurt is eager to move down even if only for cap saving measures. He's had a busy trade period with some expensive names coming in (Okung, Poe, McNabb) which is putting a strain on his finances. But in saying that as it stands the pick of Garrett here would be a huge boon to the team, giving them a next generation pass rusher to succeed Coples. With the success Clowney has had over the past few years you could expect Garrett to do the same.

1.6 - MLB Zach Cunningham
Not much has happened in Steel City in the offseason so far, meaning their needs remain the same. With no inside linebacker worth starting the Steelers are set with Cunningham here who I feel has an advantage in Height and speed over Foster to get the nod. Foster may be 6 points stronger but he's also 6'1" and 4 points slower. The 6'4" of Cunningham is a better option in the middle. They have their pick of the crop from that position but may lean towards a receiving talent like Williams.

1.7 - OT Cam Robinson
If Seattle wants its newly resurrected passing game to survive contact with the enemy then they need to restock their depleted offensive line. After trading out their starting LT for this pick, along with previously moving their stud right guard they need quality starters and Robinson gives them the athleticism they need. He ticks all the boxes for a studly blocker and will quickly find his feet in the GZL, especially if given the left side spot. Whilst this type of pick is an obvious choice they may seek depth and continuity in their secondary with the pickup of CB Humphrey, or even one of the nice linebackers on offer.

1.8 - CB Marlon Humphrey
All the trading and free agent work Justin has put in still hasn't addressed the glaring need for a viable starter at corner. He's plugged his holes in the O-Line for a year, got a running game back and a pro bowl middle linebacker, so the pick of Humphrey here looks almost a lock (unless Seattle snipes them). Humphrey is the best corner is this draft, but still not at the top level talent we've seen before (mainly due to height). 6'1" corners have proven their ability in this league though (even guys at 5'11" have) so he'll be set for the long term, especially with his 70 starting awareness.

1.9 - WR Michael Williams
I reckon the Bears are sweating on what the likes of Washington and the Colts do, because they'd love to pair a Garrett or Powers with Clowney. Instead they look to restock their receivers with a nice talent like Williams to replace the aging AJ Green. I've already covered the pros of Williams at pick 1.03, but he's an all-round talent in the mould of Green, just 1 inch shorter. His progressed stats will be similar to Green, except with more agility to work the inside game and pressure catches with. Apart from receiver they may go unsexy with OG Ethan Pocic to fill their last hole in the o-line

1.10 - DT Malik McDowell
Their DT's are all later round picks and nothing real special so McDowell makes their defensive line all that much better. They could follow in the footsteps of the Patriots and make him a right end with his skill set, but that wouldn't net the returns they'd expect. The Bears do have the luxury of taking back-to-back best available picks here so be ready to be surprised as Bryan sniffs out his supreme talent.
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