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GZL 2022 Let's Mock It 11-20 v3
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

Digging a bit deeper into the draft and it gets harder, especially because AF has some picks:

1.11 - CB Adoree Jackson
With Josh Gordon headed to Kansas City they are going young at receiver but have plenty of speed there, so I feel they'll focus on their missing corners as part of their rebuild there. Maurice is known for drafting smaller corners so I think he picks the talent of Jackson her even though he's 5'11". As the fastest (96 SPD) and equal strongest (71 STR) corner in the draft he is actually quite the talent who won't get bulldozed by backs or tight ends too easily. Tankersley or Lattimore would give them taller options but both come with lower physical skills and awareness, but either way with their best rated corner a 3rd round sophomore they have a major need at this position.

1.12 - OLB Carroll Phillips
AF will be sniffing out for extreme best player talent available here and lands the extreme speed of Phillips. A PDME comment about incumbent Ferguson suggest here is already room for a new starter in Tampa so this isn't even a whimsical choice. Don't be surprised if he traded down from here as someone else desperately seeks their missing piece (most likely for a 1st + future 1st knowing AF's luck).

1.13 - HB Dalvin Cook
The half back trials have not borne fruit the past few years and it's time for a legitimate option in the rushing game. Cook gives them a nice balanced back with an element of personal strength that they have been missing. His awareness I rather low and they may consider the slightly lower physical skills of Mcaffrey for the boosted game smarts instead. It also wouldn't be a bad choice to add a second corner here, although I can't say I've ever seen a team field 2 rookie starters at corner, especially in a division like the NFC West, but someone will need to match up against Nix, Chance, Hill and Beckham Jr just to name a few.

1.14 - WR Malachi Dupre
The Ravens filled a few needs in trades and free agency, but also emptied their receiver cupboard at the same time. Dupre gives them a 6'3" option who can progress to 94 SPD/AGI/ACC and comes in with good awareness (70). They could also use a new halfback and defensive tackle after making cuts of some veterans (Ball and Watt) if they think those positions would serve them better.

1.15 - OLB Jarrad Davis
I only see two real vacant positions for the jets at outside linebacker and defensive end and Davis looks to be a prime candidate to fill the spot of departed Anthony Barr. With some progression work he can finish at 88 speed, which is a nice level covering the left side.

1.16 - MLB Rueben Foster
My last mock had Fournette falling to here, but since then the Dolphins have moved up with a keen eye on hi, so I return to my original pick of Foster here. The desperate need of a defensive leader in the middle is as big as Pittsburgh's earlier in the draft (even though they have 4 players on their roster at the position) and Foster gives them a strong player who doesn't lack in speed either. Depending on availability by this point they may consider DE or DT, even WR to round out their squad.

1.17 - OT Mike McGlinchey
With plenty of starters out of contract in Philly this is another tough call, but I can't see Jake Long returning at the ripe old age of 37, so a replacement guard is on the books. Whilst listed as an OT, McGlinchey has a lot of athleticism and would be quite suited to the move inside as a pulling guard for Hill, and with McNabb no longer behind centre he'll get a chance at recording some decent rookie figures. With both starting corners also hitting the market there may be room for a new corner here, along with adding some height to the receiver corps, or a big starting DT are viable alternatives.

1.18 - DE Derek Barnett
I was surprised with the lack of holes I could find in the Jets roster, with the most obvious being the vacant RE spot. Barnett gives them a new lease of pass rushing life on the right side, applying some decent strength, agility and acceleration for his size. His speed isn't at the level of the top of this class but that's abnormal anyway.

1.19 - OG Quenton Nelson
With the Buccs back on the clock every pick here after is moot, because they'll find their talent and everyone else will be left scrambling. They do have a need at DT but don't feel they see the value to be taken at this spot, nor a DE if they decide to keep Zeus Bryant inside. This pick does fill a future gap as Quinn Matthews is getting on. Athletically Nelson is a step up on Matthews as the second guard in this class with elite OT levels of skill. Outside this the Buccaneers could go with whoever they feel is best value, so look out.

1.20 - MLB Raekwon McMillian
After a lot of trading the worst ranked team finally gets a pick and I still think linebacker is the place to fill. Whilst McMillan is a middle linebacker he gives them the flexibility to move either himself or McKinney outside. McMillan skills are better than those remaining from the OLB pool available and is a physical upgrade anyhow. As much talent as the team has across the board they aren't getting the W's, so any position could be a possibility as this pick so
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Green Zone League Articles

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