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St. Marie's Grades: 2022 Draft 11-21
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 - HB Dalvin Cook - A+
I really like Cook. He's not as big and strong as Derrick Henry, but he is strong and his athletic profile is very much like Henry. This is a pick that may be a thorn in my side for a long time. The reason I love Cook so much is he has very good SPD/STR/AGI, but not so much he's going to outrun his blockers. He has an elite turbo button with 96 ACC. And his 77 STR/84 BTK/203 lb combo should be good enough for him to break tackles against the vast majority of tacklers. And then go!

1.12 - LT Mike McGlinchey - A
Again, there is a group of really good OL in this draft. But if you want a guy more polished and more outstanding than all but perhaps Robinson (equal but different to me) this might be the guy you want. More of an athlete, makes him better at either matching an elite speed rusher, or getting out in front of your HB on a zone block, toss, or counter play.
Nelson is arguably a better athlete with better blocking skills, but less AWR and is currently a guard. So if the Buccs wanted a tackle, McGlinchey leads the board. If the Buccs wanted a guard, Nelson leads the board, and if they wanted either (didn't care), I have Nelson leading by just a smidge.

Fantastic OL, not perfect value for the pick but a first OL off the board in many drafts overrules that. Nelson and McGlinchy are in a very small, elite group of athletes at OL that make them more unique than Cam even.

1.13 - TE Brigadier Younger - B-

Tom :
Other hated the pick I thought it was fine Kid is Fast and with Camp He'll be another 90 Speed Te those are rare
Grade: B

Kev :
Starting with the positives, Younger has great speed for a TE, with the ability to reach the 90SPD mark that only a handful of TEs have. He's also got above average strength and acceleration, and a 6'6" frame. That said, Younger is only the second TE selected in the 1st Round in the history of the GZL, and by far the earliest ever selected - and this was not a weak draft class. There were actually two TEs in this draft that graded out similarly, and the other (Matthews) didn't go until the early 2nd Round. I graciously gave this pick a C- versus a D+ based solely on the fact that Younger could (and better!) end up a 6'6" TE with 90SPD which is a rare combination, but he was bad value at 1.13 - probably about 12-15 picks too early, which is a lot at this point in the first round.
Grade: C-

A_Patel :
One of my Few shortlist players I wanted but I wasn't willing to draft a TE that high just because I had other positions of need. I was eyeing him with my 2.3 pick personally if he had dropped that far but after drafting Nix and Humphrey, this was a Great Pick. Right off the bat Stellar Speed for a TE, almost never seen before like and his size will blow away Linebackers who cover him. Tremendous skills set lead by the Speed department and STR. Very Good Range of the trio of attributes I pay attention to more than other GM's and Value. He has Very Good STA/INJ/TGH which will help him stay Durable and on the field and win one on one battles. His blocking isn't exactly enticing but it can be worked with and its Decent enough to Live with. His Catching and AWR will need plenty of work but over the years he will get up in the 90's.

Grade: B+

T_Nissen :
While no one can really argue the fact that Younger is going to be tough to handle for opposing defenses, many could argue that taking a TE this early is a bit of a head scratcher. I personally thought Seattle would grab one of the studs available on the O-Line with Okung and Long in the twilight of their careers.
Grade: B-

1.14 - WR Malachi Dupre - A-
Hmmm, the great WR debate on 2022 rages on. I like, don't love Dupre. Here's his similary score partner, Kevin White. Dupre is a very good WR, and I think a very good pick at this point. However, this is about where I think he belongs. No more, no less.

Because of positional important and his ability to be a #1 WR he stays away from B+, but I think don't he's special in a way that the Ravens are rewarded for him falling out of the top 10. He fell out of the top ten because he was the 4th best WR and that makes him good value for this position.

1.15 - LG Quenton Nelson - A+
I slightly prefer Nelson to McGlinchy, so to get Nelson at this spot bumps up the grade for me. Quenton is a slightly better athlete, making him an outstanding OG out of the gate and potentially a RT at whatever point the Jets want to make him one. Same description would fit the Buccaneers pick, but that progression can happen for Nelson while LT to RT is the better choice for the Buccs.

Nelson has near-top-of-his-class SPD/AGI/ACC, and still came out with good blocking and awareness. Top 10 and no one would blink. 1.15 is a great value for him as the polish/athleticism mix starts to go down after the last great one goes at 1.17. Except for a C to be named much later.

1.16 - OLB Carroll Phillips - A-
I love this guy. He's not overwhelming in AWR/CTH/STR/INJ/TAK at 6'3" is good, not spectacular. So he's merely an A-, not an A+ even though I love his athleticism so much at 1.16.

This was my #1 guy at all LB positions. A LB with safety athleticism makes a great OLB and a special MLB. Even with bad hands, he may get his share of INTs, and certainly will make disruptive plays if he's a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 MLB. If anything else, this is too high of a pick for him.

1.17 - IG Ethan Pocic - A+
Pocic was one of the top 2-3 guys for several draft boards, and for me as well. Pretty much matched Nelson/McGlinchey for athleticism (not quite) but slightly more strength than each. Pretty much ties the group, and at 1.17 that gives the Eagles an A+ for this pick.

1.18 - DT Malik McDowell - A
Wow, this is pretty far to see the best DT fall to. When the best DT in the draft is this good...well actually this may be more normal than I realized. Two close players to him with 91 STR as rookies, (Archie Waters & Trevor Harper) were drafted 19th and 24th. Big strength seems to be what gets guys near the top 10, and 93 was enough to get Star Lotulelei (the closest match to McDowell) up to 9th overall. 95 STR/72 SPD got otherwise twin Rankins selected at 12th overall a mere season ago.

All that tells me is that McDowell was selected at the appropriate spot, if not later by 3-6 spots. Which makes this already awesome player a good value too.

1.19 - SS Jamal Adams - B+
This may be a bit early for the first safety, and it's worse that he's a SS positionally. But Adams could play FS flawlessly (may move there anyway) and came out with an elite 73 AWR that would help with the transition.

More important, this 6'1" secondary member has 93 SPD, 69 STR, 67 CTH, 75 TAK to go along with that outstanding 73 AWR. He does have one giant red flag, 72 INJ. But on the field, Adams is a stud. With such good hands and tackle early, he is already on the top 10 safeties list, and could be one of the top 2-4 in the league in a mere 3 seasons.

Only Kyle Nelson comes to mind as a safety that came out with great size/athleticism and high level of AWR/CTH/TAK, and Adams is +9 on him. A special guy that deserves a good grade unless he can't take the hits.

1.20 - MLB Raekwon McMillan - C
Good, but not special player. Can reach 86 SPD/86 ACC, but at 6'2" will always be a good, but not special linebacker. Does have good TKL/AWR/CTH/INJ numbers, so should contribute early and well. 1.20 is not a bad place to get a good MLB, and this wasn't a great LB draft. But Millan is only +2 SPD, +6 AWR, +2 AGI, +4 TAK on pick 2.24. Admittedly, Charles Harris is an OLB and to play MLB would lose 5 more awareness but you get the point about McMillan. He's not an elite athlete, merely a good at everything player who will be a good MLB. Jarrad Davis was an option, and is a better athlete with better AWR (even after moving from OLB) for just a loss of 3 STR and 5 TAK to get +2 SPD, +1 AGI. That one's very debatable. which way to go.

1.21 - LT Temple DeLaney - A-
DeLaney is a really cool, classy athlete. Very athletic, a little under-powered at 89 STR but great awareness and only ok PBK. He should be groomed at LT for a few years then be a great RT to neutralize speed rushers. Also would be perhaps a more perfect LG than even RT but he looks projected for both. Good in all of the most valuable things, a bit more of a prospect at pass rushing while awesome for run-blocking in space even as a rookie.
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