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Sutton Watch 2017
By Brad Mallett
Special to gzl-football.com

I am a creep who watches the league, many seasons after retiring. WHAT OF IT? Very Happy

Lots being said about Sutton, the apparently controversial pick made by Lions GM Tom Riddell.

Hear's the thing: we won't know for 10 seasons (5 earth years!) if Sutton will have a great career. But Sutton's rookie season is good. Real good.

There are 2 games left, and I'm going to tell you some cool things about his season.

He's 44 yards shy of Josh Gordon's record of 1652. Nothing's a given in sports, but 44 yards seems a gimme. So most likely Sutton will set the record. Given his tendency for boom or bust games, he'll either set it by a little or potentially a lot.

He doesn't actually have a lot of receptions. He'll very possibly finish outside the top 10 in rookie seasons. His 75 catches pale in comparison to Mike Evans' 95 catches in 2017 (incidentally Josh Gordon set his yards record in 2017, too).

With 2 games to go, he's already tied Josh Gordon with 13 touchdowns as a rookie. Only 4 rookies have ever scored more than 10 TDs, so this is a big deal, in my opinion.

He's second in YAC, already eclipsing Josh Gordon's 372 yards by 4. Number 1? #1 overall pick Ja'Vonte Nix who already has 390. Advantage everyone else's opinion?

Does Sutton have a reasonable amount of 100 yard games compared to other big rookie seasons? Turns out, he does. Despite piles of his yards coming on a few monster games, he still has 6 100 yards games. The record? You guessed it: Josh Gordon. He had 8. So Sutton would have to finish the final 2 games with 100 yard games to match Gordon. Sammy Watkins had 7, and 4 other receivers had 6. So Sutton isn't dominating in this category, but he's among the best, once again. He's one 4 rookies to have a 200 yard game. Pharoh Cooper, Rueben Randel, and... Josh fucking Gordon.

So we've learned two things. One: Sutton's having a hell of a year, so suck it everyone. And two: Josh Gordon had a monster of a rookie season! He went 2nd overall, btw.

So, imo, keep your eye on Sutton's final two games, because that shit is interesting.

This article is rambly and not nicely written or formatted because I'm at work and supposed to be... working right now.
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