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Green Zone League Articles

2014 GZL Top 10 Mock Draft
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

Top 10 GZL Mock Draft

Given the fact that there is still a LOT of shuffling that will play out before the draft order is set ... I'm going to do a top 10 mock draft, and finish it up later when we are closer to Draft time.

This is the order, as far as I can tell from comparing LP to Trade Blocks, Team News', etc ... and I'm aware that it may not be 100% correct (which is a big reason I'm only going to pick 10 right now). I also have very little way of knowing what players are being passed between teams behind closed doors right now, so that's another challenge.

For some back ground ... I typically made the selections based on what I perceived as a need for the team, and the best player available at that need. Obviously that won't always be the logic of GMs come draft day, but it's good for entertainment's sake.

Anyway ... here is my first preliminary Top 10 Mock Draft.

CB DeMarcus Milliner | Alabama | 6’1” 182lbs
95SPD, 63STR, 67AWR, 93AGI, 96ACC, 72CTH, 88JMP, 68TAK
Breakdown: They probably wish they wouldn’t have taken QB Brandon Weeden in the 1st last year, so they would have been in a position to select WVU’s Geno Smith. But hindsight is 20/20, and Weeden is swimming in a $12M bonus pool, so Smith is virtually out of the question. Milliner would instantly become the best CB on the roster, and arguably the best member of the secondary.
Other Possibilities : QB Geno Smith, WR Justin Hunter, OT Eric Fisher, DT Star Lotulelei

CB Xavier Rhodes | Florida State | 6’2” 214lbs
93SPD, 60STR, 59AWR, 92AGI, 93ACC, 63CTH, 93JMP, 62TAK
Breakdown: Despite finishing so poorly last season, the Colts are actually setup relatively okay at most of the positions you normally see taken this high in the draft. However, they could definitely use a CB with size and ability like Rhodes. I'm sure GM Smith would be just fine with Milliner being skipped at #1 also.
Other Possibilities : OT Eric Fisher, FS Bacarri Rambo

DT/NT Star Lotulelei | Utah | 6’3” 320lbs
68SPD, 93STR, 70AWR, 68AGI, 81ACC, 78TAK
Breakdown: It doesn't look like the Rams would necessarily draft for need at this point, but Star would provide an upgrade in the middle of their defensive unit. He may, or may not be the target here ... they could also be looking for one of the CBs to be there when they pick.
Other Possibilities : OG Dallas Thomas

OLB Jarvis Jones | Georgia | 6’2” 245lbs
86SPD, 78STR, 68AWR, 84AGI, 88ACC, 77TAK
Breakdown: Seems to me like this pick could come down to choosing between two UGA boys. S Bacarri Rambo would pair up very nicely with current Chiefs SS Eric Berry, and form arguably the best safety tandem in the league for years to come. But for the money, I think Jones would be the choice. With Derrick Johnson on the downhill side, Jones would be a great match.
Other Possibilities : WR Justin Hunter, OG Dallas Thomas, DE Bjoern Werner, S Bacarri Rambo

S Bacarri Rambo | Georgia | 6’0” 209lbs
89SPD, 79STR, 63AWR, 90AGI, 93ACC, 58CTH, 85JMP, 78TAK
Breakdown: While there are a lot of defensive options that they could go with here, the Patriots have a glaring hole at Safety, and luckily the best Safety in the class is still there chillin'.
Other Possibilities : DT Jessie Williams, DE Bjoern Werner

QB Geno Smith | West Virgina | 6’3” 224lbs
95THP, 86THA, 76AWR
Breakdown: Someone's got to break the Defense's stranglehold on the draft so far, right? How about the Eagles "Aaron Rodgers-ing" Aaron Rodgers? While he has a few years left in the tank still, Rodgers is heading into a contract year. The Eagles can "seamlessly transition" into their next franchise QB by taking Smith, who should have been off the board long ago. Sound familiar?
Other Possibilities : HB Bull Griggs, OT Eric Fisher, MLB Jack Pounds

OT Eric Fisher | Central Michigan | 6’6” 305lbs
89PBK, 89RBK, 94STR, 60SPD, 63AGI, 79ACC, 70AWR
Breakdown: No GM has fun taking an unsexy OL with a top 10 first rounder, but I don't think QB Christian Ponder or HB Beanie Wells would mind to terribly if this were the selection. Fisher, along with current Cardinal OT Eugene Monroe would provide the Cards with bookend OTs that won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
Other Possibilities : WR Justin Hunter, OG Dallas Thomas, DE Bjoern Werner, MLB Jack Pounds, FS Eric Reid

QB Ryan Tannenhill | Texas A&M | 6’4” 221bs
93THP, 82THA, 66AWR
Breakdown: The Bengals are in the enviable position of being able to shop for fun stuff ... skill players. They could use a QB, HB, or WR on offense. With Carson Palmer aging, and also entering a contract year, Tannenhill can come in and study for a year or two before being handed the reigns.
Other Possibilities : WR Justin Hunter, HB Bull Griggs, OG Dallas Thomas, DE Bjoern Werner

OT Leo Richards | Georgia Tech | 6’6” 308lbs
85PBK, 85RBK, 92STR, 66SPD, 64AGI, 84ACC, 65AWR
Breakdown: The Saints are another team not necessarily drafting for need, due to not having many holes. They may be hoping that one of the QBs falls here, unless their content with Tim Tebow taking the reigns once Brees hangs 'em up. But they could definitely improve their OL by taking Richards here.
Other Possibilities : DT Dominique Easley, WR Dave Aikman

S Eric Reid | LSU | 6’2” 212lbs
92SPD, 65STR, 61AWR, 90AGI, 93ACC, 61CTH, 85JMP, 66TAK
Breakdown: After passing on Bacarri Rambo in favor of Jarvis Jones at 1.04, the Chiefs could grab the next best thing at the safety spot in Eric Reid. He, like Rambo, could team up with Eric Berry to become one of the better safety tandems in the GZL for seasons to come. Justin Hunter still sitting around would be tempting as well.
Other Possibilities : WR Justin Hunter, OG Dallas Thomas, DE Bjoern Werner

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