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Green Zone League Articles

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position QB Ranks
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position QB Ranks

90-100 - Rare Prospect
80-89 - Outstanding Prospect
70-79 - Solid Prospect
60-69 - Good Prospect
50-59 - Adequate Prospect
21-49 - Borderline Draft Prospect

QB Position

1. Geno Smith Ė West Virginia :: Grade - 93 :: Smith is a very good prospect, and is one that rivals some of the better QB prospects that we have seen come out in the past few years (Andrew Luck, Blaine Gabbert, etc). Luck and Gabbert are both franchise QB, and the same could be said about Geno. He will likely start from day one, and should be the first pick of the draft to the 49ers, but stranger things have happened.

2. Ryan Tannehill Ė Texas A&M :: Grade - 85 :: Tannehill has all the tools needed to be a high quality starting QB in this league. He is worth considering in the high-mid 1st round, and has potential to be a franchise QB, but unlike Geno, he isnít quite as day one ready. If he starts in his first season, there will most definitely be some bumps in the road. But he has what it takes to be a high quality QB.

3. Colin Klein Ė Kansas State :: Grade - 83 :: Colin Klein is pro-ready right from the start. He has everything you need to be a successful GZL QB. He has the size, awareness and already possesses great accuracy. He lacks the arm strength you normally see in a 1st round prospect. But his intangibles, makeup, and accuracy set him apart. Iíd make him a 1st round pick, knowing that he can get up to 87 THP, and in the right system and for the right team, that is more than enough to be successful.

4. Kirk Cousins Ė Michigan State :: Grade - 73 :: Cousins is an intriguing player who will need some development to become a starter in the league. He is solid, but not exceptional in the 3 main areas we look for in a QB (THP, THA, AWR). He has solid size for the position, as well. Most likely he will be developed by a team into a real good backup, but he has starter potential, if someone really wants to groom him.

5. Vincent Alexander Ė North Carolina :: Grade - 73 :: It seems every year, a prospect like Alexander comes out. He is the prototypical clipboard holder in the league. He will already have great AWR and THA for a rookie in the league, but lacks the arm strength to ever be a true success as a starter. That being said, he will be an exceptional backup IMO, and should get picked in the mid rounds (see Kellen Moore to DAL).

6. Parker Simms - Texas :: Grade - 67 :: Next up is Parker Simms. He is a solid prospect, with upside being most likely as a backup in the league. He has solid THP, developmental THA and AWR, and good size. Like most of the rest of the prospects in these rankings, his future is probably as a 2nd or 3rd stringer, but if developed properly, that is still very valuable (see Pat Devlin winning a SB in SD).

7. Denard Robinson - Michigan :: Grade - 67 :: Robinson is a very polarizing prospect. He was known for highlight-reel plays in college, but his skills donít translate to well to the pro game as a QB. He was rumored to want to potentially switch to WR, but he has decided to stay at QB. He is intriguing as a developmental QB for someone who knows how to develop and utilize scrambling QBís. He isnít my cup of tea, but his upside is much greater than any of the other QB at this point.

8. Tino Sunseri - Pittsburgh :: Grade - 62 :: Sunseri heads the list of potential 3rd stringers in the league. No team will likely take too hard a look at him as a potential backup, because of the great development he will need to become a viable backup. Therefore he will likely be a late-round or UDFA signings that gets a chance to stick with a team, and see if he can develop.

9. Matthew Tebow - Florida :: Grade - 62 :: Another Tebow? Please no. Another Tebow that canít hit the side of a barn? Please no, I beg. Now we donít have to hear about just one Tebow, but two Tebows, ESPN will have a FIELD day. Anyways, Tebow as a prospect is interesting. Take away the fact that he will probably complete less than 40% of his passes Asleep guess it runs in the family), he has intriguing SPD/STR/ACC, along with great AWR and solid THP. Someone will take a chance on him, just not me, thatís for sure.

10. Alex Carder Ė Western Michigan :: Grade - 59 :: Carder most likely will be a 7th round draft pick or a UDFA signing at best. He has a long way to go in his development, if he wants to be even a viable backup in the league. He has a real weak arm, and lacks AWR and THA, which is not a good combination if you want to stick in this league.

11. Dayne Crist - Kansas :: Grade - 59 :: Former Notre Dame player, boy did he bow out at the wrong time. Crist, much like Carder has little hope for success in the league. He lacks an arm, and isnít too bright either. Some team may give him a chance and hope for a great skew, but more than likely, he will waste away in the FA pool, until the Chargers come calling in the playoffs next year when all their QBs are getting hurt (he canít be much worse than Losman and Quinn).
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Green Zone League Articles

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