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Green Zone League Articles

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position Top 10 CB Ranks
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position CB Ranks

90-100 - Elite Prospect
80-89 – Very Good Prospect
70-79 – Good Prospect
60-69 - Average Prospect
50-59 - Adequate Prospect
21-49 - Borderline Draft Prospect

A series of draft articles written by draft analyst John Stanley. They rank the top players at each position in the draft and provide some analysis on each of those players. The rankings aren’t merely a reflection of my own rankings, but also take into account league value and perception on all of the players which may influence the ranking of certain players.

CB Position

CB Snapshot:This year’s CB class is pretty solid. It has some top flight players like Dee Milliner and Xavier Rhodes as well as some great depth players behind them. In this class I have 3-4 rounds deep of ranked players that I consider either potential starters of contributors as nickel players or backups. It should be a good year to find at worst a developmental player at the position.

1. Dee Milliner - Alabama :: Grade - 96 :: Milliner is a complete stud. He is probably the best, most complete player in the entire draft, at the most important position. That is saying something with guys like Jarvis Jones, Geno Smith, Justin Hunter, etc. in this class. Milliner has it all. He has size, great athleticism, and great polish. Exceptional SPD(95)/ACC(96) combo to go along with his 6’1” size, and AWR(67)/CTH(72). He will more than likely be the #2 pick, if not the #1 pick.

2. Xavier Rhodes – Florida State :: Grade - 90 :: Rhodes is a very good alternative option to Milliner, but even he is a step down from him. He also has great size at 6’2”, and pretty good athleticism, and decent polish coming out of college. He should develop into a shutdown #1 corner under the right circumstances. He will be the #2 CB off the board and a likely Top 5-10 pick depending how things shake out early in the draft.

3. Jamell Fleming - Oklahoma :: Grade - 87 :: Fleming is a very good player. He doesn’t have quite the size off Milliner or Rhodes but still has good enough size to be a real good #1 CB for a team. He has great athleticism and strength. His only really weakness could be his CTH rating, but as an attribute that can be progressed, it shouldn’t stop him from becoming a top CB. He will likely be in the mix to be anywhere from the 3rd to 5th CB off the board.

4. Desmond Trufant - Washington :: Grade - 87 :: Trufant is the brother of current GZL CB Marcus Trufant. They are a little bit different players, but like his brother, could prove to be a very solid CB in the league. He has good size, and solid athleticism that can be improved. He also is very polished with AWR(60)/CTH(65). He should be a very good player right from the get go.

5. Jayron Hosley – Virginia Tech :: Grade - 86 :: Hosley was a ballhawk at Virginia Tech. He is a touch small at 5’10” but has incredible athleticism to make up for it with a 95/95/95 combo at SPD/AGI/ACC. He is a little raw but with simple development by a team that drafts him, he should develop into a real real good player at CB.

6. Nigel Malone – Kansas State :: Grade - 85 :: Malone is a very solid player. He is a step down from Hosley athletically, but not by much. With that said, he is much more polished then Hosley which should help make up for any athletic difference between the two. He could be a pretty good nickel CB in his first year, and with some development could be a great #2 or solid #1 CB for a team.

7. Tyrann Mathieu - LSU :: Grade - 82 :: Mathieu is a very polarizing prospect. The ‘honey badger’ as he is called was a stud playmaker his first couple years at LSU, but following his sophomore years his off the field issues got to him and he was suspended from the team. If a team could get his AWR up he could be a real stud, cause he has everything else you need in a CB. He is a stud athlete and has great playmaking ability. It will be real interesting to see where he ends up going in the draft.

8. Leonard Johnson – Iowa State :: Grade - 80 :: Johnson out of Iowa State is a very good player. A solid athlete, with solid size, he should develop into a very good pro. He is a playmaker with great hands (67), and that with his athleticism should allow him to develop into a nice player in the league. He needs to develop his AWR, but aside from that he will be able to play right away and play well.

9. Coty Sensabaugh - Clemson :: Grade - 76 :: Sensabaugh is a freakish athlete but also extremely raw. He is pretty much a mirror image of Demarcus Van Dyke who was drafted by the Chargers in the 1st Round a few drafts back, except a couple inches shorter. Van Dyke, even with commitment from the Chargers has had a slow development, and still hasn’t realized his potential. It will be a long time for Sensabaugh to be a polished player, but if given time and effort, he could become real good.

10. Sanders Commings – Georgia :: Grade - 74 :: Commings is a very solid player. He has great size at 6’2”, but isn’t a great athlete. He is solid enough to develop into a good nickelback or #2 CB eventually though. He also need some polish in AWR and CTH. He should make for a nice mid-round pick who with some development could become a steal.
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