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Green Zone League Articles

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position Top 10 Safety Ranks
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

2014 GZL Draft - Position by Position Safety Ranks

90-100 - Elite Prospect
80-89 Ė Very Good Prospect
70-79 Ė Good Prospect
60-69 - Average Prospect
50-59 - Adequate Prospect
21-49 - Borderline Draft Prospect

A series of draft articles written by draft analyst John Stanley. They rank the top players at each position in the draft and provide some analysis on each of those players. The rankings arenít merely a reflection of my own rankings, but also take into account league value and perception on all of the players which may influence the ranking of certain players.

Safety Position

S Snapshot:This yearís Safety class is actually pretty good, there are at least 10-12 pretty solid players including a top player like Bacarri Rambo. If your team has a need at safety you should be able to find a good one of your choice in the first 3-4 rounds. You could ask a number of different GMs and get as many as 4-5 different answers as to who the top safety in the class is, which is pretty rare.

1. Bacarri Rambo - Georgia :: Grade - 90 :: Rambo is a pretty special looking player at safety. He has good size, and decent enough athleticism. But what stands out is his pretty rare STR at 79. The only thing that could give teams pause is his 58 CTH, but with the ability to progress the CTH rating, he should be able to develop that and become a real force at safety.

2. Eric Reid - LSU :: Grade - 89 :: Reid has been a leader on the LSU defense for a few years now, and now he makes his move to the GZL. He has great size and very solid athleticism and polish coming out. He will step right in and be an impact player for a team.

3. Kenny Vacarro - Texas :: Grade - 87 :: Vaccaro, like Reid was a leader on his defense in college. He is a pretty similar looking player to Reid in terms of size, athleticism and polish. He isnít quite as athletic and is an inch shorter which represents the difference in the two grades. Vaccaro should go in about the 2nd round of the draft, and play from day one for a team.

4. Matt Elam - Florida :: Grade - 87 :: Elam is a shorter player at the safety position but his athleticism and polish make up for that. He has 93SPD/94AGI/93 ACC along with good AWR(60) and CTH(63). He should step in from day one and play real well for a team. He could very well be the 2nd or 3rd safety taken but I have him ranked 4th just because.

5. Robert Lester - Alabama :: Grade - 84 :: Lester surprisingly decided to stay for his senior season at Alabama, instead of leaving with teammate Mark Barron in the past draft. Lester isnít quite the player that Barron is but is still a solid player in his own right. He has good size at 6í2Ē, and solid athleticism and strength. He should be a nice 2nd-3rd round pick and be solid from day one.

6. Tavon Wilson - Illinois :: Grade - 82 :: Wilson is a similar player to a few of the others above him. He has good size, but isnít quite as talented physically as them. The one thing that sticks out about him is his hands, he has 66CTH, to go along with size and decent size he could be a real playmaker for a team on the backend of a defense and a nice 2nd-3rd round pick.

7. Brandon Claiborne - LSU :: Grade - 79 :: Claiborne, the brother of former LSU and current TB CB Morris Claiborne is an interesting player. His connection to his brother may push him up boards a little bit, but he has some concerns. He is a very good athlete with good SPD/ACC and great STR, but he lacks polish at AWR/CTH, and is pretty small at 5í9Ē. It will be interesting to see how high he ends going in the draft with everything considered.

8. Michael Graham - Louisville :: Grade - 75 :: Graham is a solid prospect. He has good size, but isnít a real great athlete. His polish with 63AWR/63CTH should help him to be a contributing player soon after being drafted. If developed in SPD/ACC he could become a good starter in the league, but if not should provide someone with a real good backup at both FS and SS.

9. Devin Ford - Miami :: Grade - 74 :: Ford, like Graham is a solid player who could very well develop into a good starter in the league, but more likely will be a very good backup at both FS and SS. He isnít a great athlete but has some pretty intriguing things to work with. His size, STR(70), and CTH(66) make him interesting player. If someone wants to work with his SPD/ACC, he could develop into a pretty good player in the mid-late rounds.

10. Shamarko Thomas - Syracuse :: Grade - 72 :: Thomas is a small player, but like Ford above him has some things to work with that will have people interested in him. He, like Ford, has a good STR/CTH combo. Unlike Ford though, Thomas isnít too bad an athlete. He has a real good AGI(93)/ACC(94) combo. He will need some work, like all mid-late round picks do, but that work could lead to a pretty good player.
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Green Zone League Articles

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