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2014 GZL Mock Draft, 1-10
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

I have never done a mock draft before. And you know what, it's hard! Looking over everybody's roster, trying to figure out what defense they play, or what their salary cap situation is. It's hard! I respect the hell out of you guys who do this on a regular basis. Keep in mind this doesn't factor in any Free Agents that may have been bid upon, so that makes this list subject to change. I'm sure there will be a couple trades in the next 36 hours to make things interesting.

So here goes:

1.1 -- QB Geno Smith, San Francisco. The 49ers sunk a top 10 pick in Weeden last year. The smart thing to do would be to trade this pick or grab one of the other studs. But Smith is such a talent, it'll be hard for SF to pass on this quarterback.

1.2 -- QB DeMarcus Milliner, Baltimore. The Ravens finished 9-7 last year and don't have too many holes to fill. One hole is a CB who is under 29 years old who can play. Milliner is the best on the board with good size and crazy speed and ball skills.

1.3 -- OLB Jarvis Jones, St. Louis. The Rams made the playoffs last year and are a solid squad all around. There are plenty of standouts that could be taken here, including DT Lotulelei and OT Richards. But the Rams just sent OLB Chris Carter packing. Jones could be his replacement.

1.4 -- WR Justin Hunter, Kansas City. Andrew Luck currently has some good targets in Greg Jennings and Josh Cribbs, but both are getting long in the tooth. Hunter is the best of a talented class of WRs.

1.5 -- CB Xavier Rhodes, New England. New England suffered its first losing season in the GZL and GM Matt Spencer is anxious to get back to his winning ways. There are a couple of studs that could fill holes nicely in New England, in particular, DT Lotulelei and DE Werner. But the Patriots are thin at CB and need some help in the secondary.

1.6 -- HB La'Vonte Bell, Jaguars. This is a bit of reach here, but the Jaguars have some good personnel but are in desparate need of a running game. If the team decides to bring DeAngelo Williams back, look for them to target DT Lotulelei or another young stud.

1.7 -- DE Bjoern Werner, Titans. At this point in the draft Werner is the best player available and would be a nice fit in Tennessee. Werner has an incredible combination of speed and strength, and is the perfect 4-3 DE, which the Titans ran last year.

1.8 -- QB Ryan Tannenhill, Bengals. Based just on his ability, Tannenhill this high is a reach. However, if you happen to have only 34 year old Carson Palmer on your roster, the young gunslinger looks pretty attractive.

1.9 -- OT Leo Richards, Buffalo. Offensive Tackles aren't sexy picks, but they do make the sexy parts of your offense work a whole lot better. Having RGIII behind center is great, but if you can't protect him, he doesn't do you much good.

1.10 -- WR Terrance Williams, Carolina. At this point DT Lotulelei would seem to be the best player available, but the Panthers don't have much need, it would appear. The Panthers drafted Matt Barkley last year, and now they need someone for him to throw to.
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Green Zone League Articles

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