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Green Zone League Articles

2014 GZL Mock Draft, 11-20
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Here is part two of this article.

1.11 -- DT Star Lotulelei, Rams. Finally the best DT in the draft finds a home. Rams pick up a stud to clog the lanes and get to the passer.

1.12 -- CB Desmond Trufant, Texans. Trufant doesn't have any part of his game that he excels at, but is solid across the board. Amazing KR skills helps his stock as well.

1.13 -- DT Dominque Easley, Saints. There are a cluster of DTs that are good candidates here, including Williams, Pair and Short. Either way, DT is a need position, even if a bit of stretch here.

1.14 -- WR Josh Pietarila, Texans. The Texans don't have many pressing needs, and in this mock took a CB already. Could also target a DE, but not than many first round prospects available here.

1.15 -- OT Eric Fisher, Chiefs. Fisher has great attributes and has the AWR to start right away. Chiefs get a great bargain in the middle of the draft with a solid prospect.

1.16 -- HB Bull Griggs, Patriots. The Patriots have a number of very pressing needs. Giggs is a power back with decent speed who will help establish the running game and take the pressure off of the QB.

1.17 -- SS Baccari Rambo, Bucs. AF loves a good safety, and Rambo would be an athletic and heavy hitter here.

1.18 -- MLB Kevin Minter, Bucs. The Bucs get back to back picks and manage to get the best Safety and best MLB on the board. Typical AF.

1.19 -- OLB Casey Carter, Patriots. A bit of a reach here, but the Patriots have many holes to address. Carter is the fastest and strongest OLB on the board not named Jarvis.

1.20 -- CB Tyrann Mathieu, Colts. Indy might need to shore up its O-Line, but the prospect of Mathieu's 96 SPD and other attributes are hard to pass up. Getting that AWR up will be a tough obstacle, however.
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Green Zone League Articles

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