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2014 GZL Mock Draft - Part 2 - 16-32
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

Yahoo! Sports 2014 Mock Draft

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
John Stanley, Yahoo Sports!

1.16 -- OLB Casey Carter, Missouri
At 1.16, the Patriots again have the luxury of adding a real good player wherever they want. I think someone they should look at is Casey Carter. Carter is a pretty damn good player in his own right, and if Jarvis Jones wasnít in this class, he would easily be the #1 OLB, and I suspect in most other classes that would be the case as well. Carter has it all at OLB, and would be a nice fit for the team.
1.17 -- OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan
Whatís new? The Bucs are loaded with picks again, this time with 3 in the 1st round. They could really go any which way with these picks, so I wonít pretend that I know what AF is going to do, but Iíll try. Generally speaking, AF likes to go with top players that may have slipped through the cracks a little with these mid 1st rounders. Fisher is not a ďtop playerĒ per say, but he is easily a franchise LT, and although I know he disagrees based on what we have discussed, I think the Bucs OL needs some work and a bit of a youth movement.
1.18 -- DT Jesse Williams, Alabama
The Bucs 2nd of back to back picks, I see them going with Jesse Williams out of Alabama. Williams could be considered one of those Ďtopí players that AF looks for with these picks, and I think could also fill a potential need for the Bucs here. Williams is pretty close to Star Loutlelei who went at 1.13, so he would be another nice pick here. Now we can just wait for AF to make me look stupid with who he picks!
1.19 -- HB Bull Griggs, UCLA
At 1.19, the Patriots are able to again add a real good player. Bull Griggs is the 1st or 2nd best RB in the draft depending on who you ask and what they look for a RB, but regardless he is a stud. He has an amazing size/SPD/STR combo, and will be a force at the RB position for years to come. I think a Rhodes/Carter/Griggs combo would have been real nice for NE, but that already isnít possible with the few picks that have gone down.
1.20 -- LT Brennan Williams, North Carolina
At 1.20, I donít really see any major needs for the Colts. GM Smith has done a nice job filling up his roster with players through trades, and now has some nice depth on his whole roster, without a glaring need. The only possible need I see for them is OT, which is why I have Williams going here. Williams is the 3rd OT taken, but he really isnít too far off from Richards or Fisher who were picked ahead of him, so he is a nice add.
1.21 -- WR Josh Pietarila, Florida
I could make write an analysis of my pick, like I do all the other picks, but it wouldnít be right, cause Iíd be lying. Iíll be honest, I have no intentions of drafting Pietarila on draft day, but didnít really feel like tipping my hand, or maybe there is tipping of the hand possible because I really donít have a clue where I will go with my picks. So long story short, I guess Pietarila is possible here, but he is by no means who I am looking at currently.
1.22 -- OT/OG Frankie Gerard, Michigan
Here the Redskins are able to nab a nice player in Gerard. The only real need I saw on the roster for the Skins was at OG, and while Gerard is a OT, I like him much better than any of the other OG remaining, and I think the Skins would too, so they would take the hit and move him inside to OG where he could be a real good player for them.
1.23 -- WR T.Y. Hilton, FIU
Iím not really sure what the Packers plan to do here. Kevin has already built a real good team, per usual, and doesnít have any glaring needs at this spot. 1.23 is on the block, so it also very possible that the pick could be moved during the draft. But if they keep the pick, I think adding a dynamic young WR could be in consideration for the Pack, and Hilton fits the bill, but admittedly I have little clue what they will do here, will be interesting to watch!
1.24 -- CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech
Here the Steelers could really go any number of directions. I think adding a CB like Hosley to their secondary would be pretty wise. Hosley has a 95/95/95 combo at SPD/AGI/ACC which make him pretty attractive, and his size wonít hurt him too much because of that athleticism. In the past Ricky has picked a few CB similar to Hosley in size/athleticism not only in GZL, but others leagues, so this pick wouldnít surprise me, but there is also a good chance he wonít be the pick.
1.25 -- DE/DT Demarcus Pair, Virginia
Another one of my picks, and another one that I am not really sure about, nor do I really want to share my intentions anyways. Pair is actually a player I really like cause he can do a lot of things including 4-3 DT/3-4 DE/4-3 DE. He is very versatile and thatís part of what makes him attractive. Iíd say there is a good chance that someone nabs him in the first, but I am not sure or not if it will be me.
1.26 -- MLB Jack Pounds, Iowa
Here at 1.26, the Seahawks go with Jack Pounds the undersized MLB who can really pack a punch. Pounds isnít overly athletic but he still has real solid attributes. I am not real sure how successful he will be in the league, but I will definitely be interested to watch him and see how he works out. The Seahawks donítí need a whole lot, but adding a MLB like Pounds could be a nice move.
1.27 -- SS Matt Elam, Florida
With their second 1st rounder, the Colts add Matt Elam the SS from Florida. For my money, Elam is the best safety in the class, but it really is a close race between a number of deserving candidates. Elam has good athleticism, and good enough size and polish to be really successful right off the bat. The Colts could really use a player like Elam on the back end to go along with Bethea and form a nice S duo.
1.28 -- LT Austin Laurie, Kansas State
With the 28th pick, the Eagles are able to address one of their main needs heading into the draft which is OT. Laurie is in a group of about 3-4 tackles that are around the same skill level, so while Laurie may not be the pick, I think there is a good chance that one of the OT or even an OG will be the pick here. Laurie has good size and is a nice athlete, and would be a good pick here in the late 1st.
1.29 -- CB Nigel Malone, Kansas State
The Falcons have been MIA for most of the offseason, so my read on what they might do, isnít much of a read. Looking at their roster though, even without any adding so far this offseason, it is pretty nice throughout. The only need I see for them is in the secondary and possibly adding a 3rd CB to the other 2 that they already have. Malone is a pretty nice player and good value at 1.29 for my money. He is a little small but he has real nice athleticism and polish coming out.
1.30 -- CB Tyrann Mathieu, LSU
This pick originally belonged to the Packers when I gave them Mathieu, but I am going to keep this pick for Indy. I think Indy could use another young player in the secondary in addition to already adding Elam. Mathieu clearly needs to add some polish and work on his game a little, but he has amazing athleticism and hands, and has the star power based off his name (and nicknames). May be a case of overdrafting, but he is clearly talented and with work could be a star.
1.31 -- TE Jackie Thomas, Wisconsin
With the 2nd to last pick in the 1st, the Saints go after TE Jackie Thomas. He is a little small for a TE at 6í2Ē, but he is ultra athletic and would add a new dimension to the New Orleans offense that they donít currently have. In addition to playing TE, he could also line up at WR, and add some firepower there. I think Thomas in New Orleans would be something real fun to watch and observe, and I hope it happens.
1.32 -- WR Dave Aikman, Texas
With the last pick in the 1st, AF makes his 3rd pick of the 1st round. Like I said for his other 2 picks, I really have no ready for who he will take here, but a good player at WR like Aikman could fit the bill. Personally I donít like Aikman a whole lot, but he is probably the next best WR in terms of polish and skills coming out. I think adding another WR could be on AFís agenda on draft day, so while this might not be the pick, it could be the right position.

John Stanley covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

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