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Green Zone League Articles

2014 Draft Grades, Part II (11-20)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 – RT Eric Fisher, Bills. Fisher is an excellent offensive tackle and a very good find at the 11th pick overall. While Richards was higher on most boards, Fisher is more ready to step into the starting line-up, given his higher AWR and advanced blocking abilities. Fisher lacks elite speed and agility, but is above average. Fisher is the most polished lineman in the draft and should dominate early. GRADE: A, KVW Player Rank: 8

1.12 – LG Dallas Thomas, Texans. The first interior lineman off the board is a good one. Thomas maybe lacks the strength (89 STR) of Richards or Fisher, but has the tools to be an excellent Guard. Thomas is smart (70 AWR) and a highly skilled blocker (88 PBK, 88 RBK) who should be ready to start right away. Thomas projected as a pick closer to the middle of the first round, but if interior line is a need, this is the player to take. GRADE: B+, KVW Player Rank: 16

1.13 – OT Brennan Williams, Titans. The Titans got a big bodied tackle (6’6”, 315) with good speed (61) and great acceleration (80). Williams is also an accomplished blocker, bested only by Fisher at the tackle position. This picks feels like a bit of a reach at 13th overall, which is odd because the Titans don’t seem to have immediate need at the tackle position. Then again, they don’t have many needs anywhere. Williams biggest negative is his injury risk. GRADE: B+, KVW Player Rank: 25.

1.14 – SS Bacarri Rambo. Jets. Though coming out of college as a Free Safety, Rambo should transition smoothly to the strong side in the GZL. Rambo is a complete player and doesn’t have any holes in his game, especially as the Jets have already begun work on his speed (90 SPD). Rambo is incredibly storng (79 STR) and also very agile. Rambo doesn’t have great hands, but is more suited to bone crushing tackles than picking off passes. GRADE: A-, KVW Player Rank: 11

1.15 – WR Terrance Williams, Chiefs. The Chiefs shocked many by going back-to-back WRs in this draft. Williams and Hunter and not that different in terms of size and physical attributes. Williams is a notch below Hunter but not by much. In addition to his great size, Williams has one of the best jumping abilities in the league (97 JMP) which will make him even more dangerous. GRADE: A. KVW Player Rank: 13.

1.16 – DT Jesse Williams, Saints. The Saints needed a Defensive Tackle and there were more than a few to choose from. Williams is the safest of the rookie crop after Lotulelei, and is suited more for a nose tackle, though he does have the physical abilities to play in the 4-3. Williams is one of the stronger lineman in the draft (94 STR) and the surest tackler of the rookie class. GRADE: B. KVW Player Rank: 26

1.17 – OT Frankie Gerard, Bucs. GM Anthony Fernandez is one of the best evaluators of talent in the league, so it’s difficult to second guess him, but this is one of my least favorite picks of the first round. Gerard definitely has some skills with a good combo of speed (60) and strength (93). In addition, he has top end acceleration which will help protecting Josh Freeman and excellent AWR for a rookie. But Gerard is not that polished as a blocker and perhaps could have been had later in the draft GRADE: C+, KVW Player Rank: 44

1.18 – OLB Dion Jordan, Bucs. Jordan going here is one of my favorite picks in the draft. Jordan comes out of college as an undersized DE, but should prosper as a dynamic OLB in the Bucs fearsome defense. Jordan is tall (6’6”) and should match up well against TEs, and has blinding speed (86 SPD) to run well in coverage. Expect Jordan to be a formidable force in Tampa Bay for years to come. GRADE: A, KVW Player Rank: 18

1.19 – HB La’vonte Bell, Rams. After Griggs, there were three potential starting RBs in the draft class, Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball, and Bell, with Bell and Ball being the best two. I had a hard time deciding which I liked better initially, but soon came to be a Bell fan. Bell has good size and great speed (94 SPD). His biggest negative is his strength, but he’s strong enough to be an inside runner when he needs to be GRADE: A, KVW Player Rank: 19

1.20 – CB Desmond Trufant, Colts. In four GZL drafts, 22 CBs have been taken in the first round. Because they are at such a premium, many times teams will reach for a player. Trufant, however, is a nice value at 1.20. Trufant’s physical skills don’t match up Mathieu’s, but he is a solid CB who has decent AWR and can be groomed quickly to start. None of his attributes are outstanding, except his KR skill, but there are no holes in his game. GRADE: A+, KVW Player Rank: 10.
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Green Zone League Articles

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