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Best and Worst Draft Picks of First Three Rounds
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

So here's another draft review article. Hope I don't hurt anybody's feelings, not my intent. I'm not expert and these are just my humble opinions. Draft grades are like assholes, everybodyís got one. Still, thereís a lot of homeruns and strikeouts that come in each round. Keep in mind these are just my own opinion, and more than likely Iíll be proved wrong.


Best Pick Ė Choosing the best pick of the first round usually isnít that hard. All you have to do is look at the top of the board. Geno Smith? Yeah, thatís a pretty good pick. But every one of us would have made that pick. You canít argue with snagging one of the better cornerbacks to come out of the draft in DeMarcus Milliner, either. I love the Bucs picking Dion Jordan at 1.18 because I donít think many had him ranked this high. In terms of value, I think the Redskins got a gem at 1.22 with WR Josh Pietarila, who could end up better than Justin Hunter, who went at 1.4.

Worst Pick Ė As I mentioned in an earlier article, I didnít love the Bucs picking OT Frankie Gerard at 1.17. Then again, Iíve found itís not good to bet against the Bucs personnel department. Jamell Fleming was a bit of a surprise for me at 1.31. There were a lot of CBs bunched together on my rankings, but Fleming ended up 10th on my draft board, though mostly because of injury concerns. But the worst pick in my opinion was Safety Robert Lester by the Colts at 1.27. Admittedly, I didnít scout the safeties too closely due to my own needs, but I had Lester projected much lower.


Best Pick Ė A pair of MLBs taken in the second round definitely had first round talent, Kevin Minter in Denver and Jack Pounds in Tampa Bay. TE Jackie Thomas late in the second was also a nice find. A couple of intriguing DT picks also were potentially homeruns, Kawaan Short in Houston and Demetruce Pair for New Orleans. The best pick of the second round, however, may have been CB Nigel Malone, a player I thought was the 4th best CB on the board.

Worst Pick Ė There werenít too many bad picks in the second round as most teams got good value. I wasnít a big fan of HB Kenjon Barner, but who knows with running backs. I thought MLB Shayne Skov was a bit of stretch in the second round, but he has potential. CB Eric Victorino at 2.13 may be the biggest miss, but then again, with his height, he may end up a gamer.


Best Pick Ė There were a lot of good value pickups in the third round. The 49ers got a gem in CB Jayron Hosley, whom some projected as a late first rounder. Also, the Packers got a steal in C Anthony Madison, the best Center on the board. And without sounding like a homer, Dallasí pick of CB Coty Sensabuagh could yield results. But my favorite pick in the third round was Cordarrelle Patterson by the Redskins at 3.22. Look at his attributes and then compare to Terrence Williams who went in the Top 15. Not much difference.

Worst Pick Ė Itís not really fair to pick a Ďworst pickí this deep in the draft. In most cases the player pool is getting pretty picked through. However, QB Drew Powell was a bit of a reach, as was TE Stuart Forstyte. But these picks are still respectable for 3rd round talent, and mostly I was just looking for some names at this point.
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Green Zone League Articles

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