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S14W00:: Where were you? (Detroit Lions)
By Tim Miller
Special to gzl-football.com

GZL Where Were You?:: S14W00
Where did you go this preseason?
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Tim Miller, GZL Media Group

Where were you?

Where were you? Where did your team, your squad, or your player go last week? Did they take the preseason off? Did something else happen? What causes a squad that is performing very well to suddenly disappear? Do we need to put out an APB or just wait until next week?

This year's initial version of Where were you? starts with the Detroit Lions and GM Tom Riddell.

The Lions and Tom Riddell were a marriage made in heaven near the end of last season. Tom took over his favorite team and the team seemed to respond well. Through meticulous game planning, Tom ended up powering through the playoffs and ended up in the Super Bowl. Even better it was on their home field in Detroit! Alas, Tom's team of destiny ran into another team of destiny in the San Diego Chargers and lost the GZL Bowl.

Fast forward to 2014... Mr Riddell is putting his stamp on the team. Tom goes through free agency, trades, and a draft with the Lions. Tom lands his coveted halfback, Lamar Miller, from the Jets. It is all looking good and looking for a repeat year for the Lions....until preseason games start. The Lions initially lose to the Rams 30-12. Then the Lions come close against the Titans, losing by a mere 3 points. But then come the head scratchers, a 41-26 loss to the Eagles followed by a 43-17 beatdown by the Saints.

Now it is the end of the preseason and the Lions are sitting at 0-4. So what is going on? And can the ship be righted? Tom Riddell answers our questions in Where Were You?

Ouch! 0-4 in the preseason after making the Super Bowl last season. Where do you feel like the problems lie? Gameplanning, lineup, personnel, backups?

We rushed through the preseason. Who had to time to game plan?

You have publicly stated you would have liked more time to gameplan for the preseason. Was that part of the problem?


Most of the games were blow outs. Is that because the offense didn't score enough or the defense allowed too many?

Both. I needed and wanted to use Preseason to find the right books for personnel.

Are you generally a 1999 Rams type of GM where you score them off the field or a 2002 Ravens type of GM where you like to keep the score low and not make mistakes?

I grew up watching the CFL. Very high scoring and very close to Rams.

Any concerns after this preseason heading into the regular season?

Of course. There is a lot of pressure with changes to roster.
Most of the roster is the same but did make changes to RB FB WR CB S.

I have learn how use them now and that may take time.

Thanks to GM Tom Riddell for agreeing to be interviewed for this preseason edition of Where Were You?

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