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GZL All-Value Team, 2013
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

So you signed that WR to an $8 million contract and he ends up with just over 1,000 yards receiving...was he worth it? Maybe, maybe not.

Below is a list of the GZL's All-Value Team for 2013. In it, I've pulled together the players from each position that I felt provided the most 'bang for the buck'. Sure Tony Romo passed for 5,161, but at $11.3M, that's about $2,189 a yard! But Christian Ponder collected $3.59M for throwing for 3,951 yards (or a much more reasonable $908/yard). What a bargain!

Please note, that for most positions I didn't actually do a calculation like I did above. For the most part, I did sort of an eyeball test to look at the league leaders and see who had the lowest salaries. So yes, there may be some DT who had more sacks per dollars than the ones I selected, but I tried to incorporate those players that had high production first a foremost.

Some were hard decisions -- Mark Ingram's salary of $1.79M is pretty cheap considering his rushing yards, but Lamar Miller got some moster production at a fraction of the price. Miller mathematically got more bang for the buck, but it's hard to pass on Ingram's totals and his cheap salary.

Lastly, I did not do any exhaustive analysis, so my apologies if your Strong Safety was a better deal and got left off the list. Please keep in mind this article is just for entertainment.

2013 All Value-Team

QB Christian Ponder, Cardinals (3,951 yards, 32 TDs) 3.59M
HB Mark Ingram, Raiders (2,143 yards, 17 TDs) 1.79M
FB Frank Summers, Cardinals (137 yards, 66 pancakes) - .990M
WR Torrey Smith, Patriots (92 rec, 1,627 yards) 2.11M
WR Edmond Gates, Broncos (79 rec, 1,416 yards) 1.42M
TE Vernon Davis, Chargers (858 yards, 10 TDs) 1.59M
OT Kris Dielman, Patriots (99 pancakes, 5 sacks) 2.78M
OT Anthony Davis, Raiders (99 pancakes, 6 sacks) 1.66M
OG Adam Howell, Cardinals (73 pancakes, 3 sacks) 1.2M
OG Ricky Wagner, Giants (75 pancakes, 5 sacks) 1.04M
C Mike Pouncey, Titans (60 pancakes, 2 sacks) 1.08M
DE Pernell McPhee, 49ers (11 sacks) -- .710M
DE Greg Romeus, Chargers (11 sacks) 1.39M
DT Landon Cohen, Steelers (7 sacks) -- .820M
DT Vaughn Martin, Redskins (8 sacks) 1.89M
OLB Brian Rolle, Dolphins (62 tackles, 6 sacks) -- .710M
OLB Jeremiah Joseph, Bears (61 tackles, 8 sacks) 1.03M
CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Cowboys (12 interceptions) 2.27M
CB Sean Smith, Dolphins (11 interceptions) 2.86M
FS Nate Allen, Packers (80 tackles, 4 interceptions) 1.72M
SS Steve Griffin, Browns (82 tackles, 4 interceptions) 1.21M
K Dan Carpenter, Dolphins (39/41 FG) 1.14M
P Michael Koenen, Falcons (47.3 avg) 1.25M
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Green Zone League Articles

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