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Britton Colquitt, don't quit your day job.
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

This week the Denver Broncos braintrust had a meltdown at the GM position, somehow mandating that their young QB was not to take the field. Not only was Christiansen benched, but Ryan "the forgotten" Mallett and Luke McCown were also forbidden to take the field and instead punter Britton Colquitt was given the starting QB job for week one.

This of course resulted in an unforgettable box score where the Broncos earned a meager 109 yards, only 3 first downs, and a 22.9 QB Rating for Britton. Colquitt's line was 7/25, 28%, 2.0 YPA, 4 sacks, 0 TDs, 1 INT with a long of 12 yards, adding up to that 22.9 QB rating. That was combined with a pretty mediocre day for Knowshon Moreno to wipe out what was a pretty decent day for the defense against the Packers.

Rumor Mill
There were a few theories as to why this decision was made, and they were not dispelled by the lame comments from the Broncos front office. The first one of course is that they are waiting for Keith Price, Taylor Martinez, or whoever the next "can't miss" QB is. Strategically throwing a few games this season might just be a strategy for a Broncos team that might not be able to compete with the Chargers in the division.

Another theory is that Christensen was being protected for a game, as the Packers defense looks loaded especially in the front 7. Nothing hurts a young QB worse than missed time.

Finally, the theory that this benefits Colquitt in his quest to set punt attempt and punt yardage records might make the most sense, as he did get 12 punts and over 500 yards out of the day.

Yes, career records might be the best explanation in this case. Because who puts a punter at #1 even in preseason?

And finally, if you are going to end up with a punter on the field, you should know that it's already been done and by a punter (he was #2 in the depth chart) who threw two TDs and 212 yards. So Britton Colquitt, step up your game or go back to punting.
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Green Zone League Articles

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