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Power Rankings and Champions
By Brad Mallett
Special to gzl-football.com

This hardly qualified as an article, but I got curious of how well my power rankings formula maps to actual champions and I was amused to find that I'm 3-4 on mapping Super Bowl winners to the top power rank. Last year, of course, had the 14-2 Titans at #1 before Christopher Henderson went down, taking their hopes and dreams with him. The Bears and Lions are both somewhat outliers of managing to make it to the big game with bad rankings. Both got hot at the right time, but fell short against superior teams in the big game. Well, the Lions lost to the injury ravaged Chargers, so who knows wtf happened there! In general the formula maps play-off teams fairly well. Mostly getting screwed by weak division winners.

Super Bowl I : Chargers (#1) beat Bears (#16 - #8 in NFC)
Super Bowl II : Packers (#1) beat Raiders (#6 - #2 in AFC)
Super Bowl III : Steelers (#1) beat Buccaneers (#3 - #1 in NFC)
Super Bowl IV : Chargers (#8 - #5 in AFC) beat Lions (#12 - #5 in NFC)

Lowest ranked Play-Off Team: 2012 Broncos (#20)
Highest ranked Non-Play-Off Team: 2010 Jets (#8)
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Green Zone League Articles

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